49.  Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

49. Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

Warshaw Ghetto

Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

by Ari Schonbrun



Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

Summary:In this part of Sahbra Markus’s amazing story, she details how she and her family escaped the Warsaw Ghetto to get to Russia. A difficult and harrowing journey. Walking through miles and miles of forest with large packs on their backs that contained their whole life. Only being able to wear the clothes they had on. Layers upon layers which were mostly rags. Having to steal food and what clothes they could along the way. Being told to remember that she was a Jew and also pretend that she wasn’t. Wondering why she was the only child on the boat and so much more. It is an inspiring and compelling story that you are not going to want to miss a minute of.

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Ari: Today’s episode is being sponsored by strength to strength a 501 C three nonprofit organization established to bring victims of terrorism together globally in order to share their experiences and move forward with their lives despite the trauma they have been through. If you understand how a single terror attack can affect so many families on such a deep level physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, strength is strength has taken as their motto survivors healing survivors, recognizing that we are responsible for each other and that those impacted by terrorism by injury or the loss of a loved one deserve no less than our very best. For more information on streng

th strength, please visit www dot s t o s global.org That’s www.stosglobal.org and use code ra pod A Ri P O D Welcome to whispers and bricks. My name is Gary Sherman. I am your host Welcome to part three of Sabra Marcus amazing story from the Holocaust. Please help me welcome Sabra Marcus.

Sahbra: My parents lost track as to how long they were there. You didn’t know what day it was all you need. The only thing you knew is that you somehow unfortunately woke up again. Which means now you have to get to know you have to find water. You will come up and you keep saying God river notional love What have I done for you to punish me like this? Today when I say it, I’m thinking of Silla Malayan. I’m thinking of his good friend heavier. Why are you punishing me like this? What have I done? My parents asked that every day. And that particular day. A man that’s been searching for my mother in the ghetto. For weeks upon weeks, upon weeks, had promised himself that he will not die of any cause. Unless he spoke to my mother first. She finally found my parents. It was a mental decision. A man that came to Warsaw in peril of his life and got put into the ghetto. To complete his mission. The man had a mission. He wouldn’t dare die till he took care of it

the void on there. My mother’s name was the door. Deborah royler We need to talk. I have to tell you. Your mama told me to come. May she rest in peace. Mama rest in peace. My my spa pain. We had letters not all that long ago. What do you mean? He says I I made a mistake. I have to tell you a story. Can I please listen? Give me some water. I have to tell you a story. Give me some water. You have read? I didn’t eat in three days. You have read maybe a small piece not much just a little piece please.

Papa ran away came back with a packet with food, different types of food and a piece of fruit. Gave him a bottle of water to eat to drink as much as he wanted They found a hallway with no one in it. And they said on the stairs. And he said, You know, one day, it was a Friday, just before Shabbat. And then your brother Aaron, he said that he will help the rabbi and the rabbi said that he really wasn’t feeling all that well. And could he take care of this himself without help? Or should he send him one of the boys from the fader and younger? And Alice said, no, no, no. Erin said, I will be happy to just do the whole thing by myself. Don’t Don’t worry about it. He needed to close up the show. Because she has to go home. He has to take us his bat. He has to change clothes, he has to get ready for Shabbat. Come evening. sapless will be starting. And he has to be there and he has to be ready. His mama oh my gosh, as his father, you know, they would expect him to be he never remembered that Papa was already dead. He never remembered that Shabbat would usually be without him. But I am jumping a little ahead of myself on this show that none of the last he was going to have this proper. One of the last he was hurrying. And he was hurting. And only kept thinking of how wonderful it will be as soon as he gets home. Because he see when he gets home to have a bath. Who runs fresh, roving. The house will be full of big bouquets of flowers everywhere in every room in the hallway. And the dining room table. And the dining room table will have beautiful sauces, Crystal vases are those gorgeous. The table will be sad for numerous people way more than the family because you never knew who grandpa would bring from shore. They were always traveling salesman and all sorts of travelers. And of course, they had nowhere to go. And there were no hotels with kosher food. And so the people in the community would each take one of those travelers to their home. And they would spend there till the end of Shabbat and that Saturday night. They would join the family for the dinner. And then he could see in his mind’s eye, his mama standing at the head of the table, lighting the candles for Shabbat. Before she looked them, she looked at everyone at the table. All the guests Papa could have brought two or three or five guests to the Shabbat table. They were all very well to do they could afford it. And they had several rooms set aside for possible visitors. And she would not her head to each one of the visitors smile to her husband, turn to her children and smile and now to them to welcome them to the table. She would light the candles and then she would bring the light of the canvas to her face three times. When she finished the prayer for the candles, she stayed asking God for peace, prosperity, health, anyone in the community that needed some help to make sure that the community and her own family would step forward.

The table was so beautiful and the food was magnificent. And he was looking forward to this beautiful evening as he did average But he was rushing and rushing in the synagogue. He had to put away chairs they had to move benches. Oh, there were so many people are coming tonight for the services. And they had to add more benches and and that they had to add more benches. And then they had to add more chairs. And the pulpit wasn’t so straight and the books weren’t so strict. So he had to go and do that. So it was taking longer and longer. And he was getting frustrated because he really needed to get out. He heard noise outside. Something unusual because I mean, in that town. Yes, people had trucks, people had other all sorts of other vehicles, that many motorcycles. Why would there be motorcycles in the street right outside of the shore, motorcycles. He already had started closing the shutters. But there was two windows still open. And so he looked over and looked outside. And he could see and they could see that he’s there.

And he could see people military garments, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks. Jelle. And he realized that he was understanding some of their words and so he realized they were Germans.

And then he saw the pattern guides the swastika cooking the armed cross. And then two of them yelled, he see him? I see him and enough to say Yeah, bring him house. Bring him out Zophar immediately. He was running in the show trying to find a place to hide. But a whole group of those people have those Nazis ran into the shoe and they grabbed them

there was a post some people during the week would ride horses instead of buggies and walking so there was a post there was a post he took out outside and tied him to that post.

And he said to himself, well since we speak the same language Why not speak them? So those muscles in English Why are you doing this? Valli’s John, because I can said one of them. I can

the reason I’m going to be able to give you phenomenal details is because a Jew and a non Jew in two different spot. Caregivers caretakers. One of them a summons a Jew will hiding outside they were planning on going into help Aaron to finish his job. It was taking too long. But they miss it. They were too late errorlog was tied up to that post. The commanding officer gave an order for his soldiers to go inside and bring out all the Torah books, all the scrolls all the Torah that’s to come out and through them at the feet of Aaron. The boy’s biggest dream in life was to be a rabbi. He was going to be one of the most wonderful, brilliant heartwarming speakers. He was going to be the best Rabbi there is an old his Taurus or as he speaks All the Toros at the feet. The officer gives him a book of matches and tells him light him up. Burnden we’re gonna let you go free. You’re going to see, you’ll go home. They’ll go home to your mother and your father. You can go home and you can be free. And you can do some steam. I cannot do that the most? You must. Yeah, Candace. I cannot. Well, then you’re not going home today. And they’re laughing. Erica, this is such a beautiful comedy. This little dude standing there. Doesn’t want to burn the book.

The officer tells his soldiers to remove Aaron’s clothing. They use knives, pocket knives. They tear. They do everything they can to humiliate, to shame and cause him pain because they were pulling and trying to tear at scenes that didn’t want to give when he was nude, is when a new humiliation started with pointing fingers at his genitals laughing at the mutilation of his genitals and then to encourage him to possibly change his mind and actually light a match mice smacking him so they were hitting with sticks and more sticks and more sticks. It didn’t work. He refused. He kept saying no. And then he kept asking. So Zeus must have this. You hope you punish him while doing this I’ve done nothing to you. Why? And he’s saying it to them and yeah, they said they know what he’s saying.

He didn’t need to speak German and they keep laughing No

light the light the match. Burn the books they took his belt with the buckle in the front and they started beating him this time seriously, front and back. And his legs and rivers of lava starting to flow from entire body. And still it wasn’t good enough so one of them came over when a giant says stand smacked his head a few times and then into his abdomen. And then he said nine This is UD Sublett Jewish blood touched his fist the boy started screaming smile slam at the Nihilo Hainault at the don’t know your HUD listen oh Israel, our Lord our God. Our lower does one the summers the two men that were watching this when they heard him say those words. When you when you that the end is near. Then they kept him. They kept him they kept telling. They practically stripped every inch of his skin from his bone. And they kept at they had such a good time. The actual leading commanding officer came over to that scene and shrieked at the other officer that was lower in level from him. What are you doing? We don’t have time for you to play games and murder some little do we have serious war to do leave him alone. No, I want him to burn these damn books. He’s not going to yes he will when is less breaths. And Allah, that sweet future Rabbi which is less breath said smile you say I do my yellow thing I deny aside the sad shell down he was dead they left him there hanging on the post. The jeep and the trucks and the motorcycles started up went under way. The Shammas and that guy when to find a cart. The Shamas took the boy out Allah laid him on the cart on his own coat. He pulled the cart throughout most of the neighborhood Jewish neighborhoods straight to the home of my grandmother for Shabbat he knocked on the door. It wasn’t Shabbat yet. He could not. Unfortunately, having numerous servants and four daughters and nobody came to the door. So grandma had to come to the door. She opened the door and the shamash was Terry carry her dead son covered in blood and dead.

My grandmother looked at her death, the only son you could see that he was violated and terribly brutalized.

There’s only one way to say it and I’m not going to try and be polite. I don’t want to be polite. My grandmother lost her mind. Right standing there and that spot opened the door and they gave her a court so her only baby boy. Grandma’s ISCA may she rest lost her mind. She stood there and shot until her younger daughter, the youngest one Luma blee mela little flower. bloomer came to the door and so so what was going on? She started to shriek and everyone came running they saw what happened and took grandma away from the door. Summer into the rabbi to speak about an immediate funeral which will have to be tomorrow. But you can’t do it to learn because it’s Shabbat. So they have to find a place where to keep him. Then you have to have to people have people sitting there to watch over him. You never leave that person alone, not until barrier

the men kept talking as my mother was going into shock. My father could barely hold on to her. Her body was shaking with violent shaking with fear, anger, agony and broken heart. The man finished up the story saying that the following day. My grandmother Rifka filled her big apron with numerous candles and she As her daughter Armand arm has gone from door to door to door to door to all the Jewish families in the city of Jersey handing out the candle as Goodman said, lightest can do for my own. My only little boy those angels from hell K. A murder that my baby they murdered by this. She did that day after day after day after day until the Nazi trucks came and took her. Unbelievable. to Auschwitz. Her sisters, their husbands, and their two little children per each sister all foamed up in oceans for our dead. Mama had no one. And she survived. If she wanted to know, again, screaming, why did God curse me? Why am I alive? And we are in the Warsaw Ghetto. The poor man knew that what he’s doing to my mother was terrific. But he felt she had to know the truth. As I feel I need to tell you. Their love no believer in truth. Mama hears me. My mother never recuperated from that day, not 100% know. When mama LED candles she whipped. And my brother we lived in Israel at that point. Why? Why is mama crying so terribly? This is a happy day. It’s Shabbat. She should be happy. Four years. I asked Mama, why do you cry? I took her by hand into her bedroom that one Shabbat. I said Mama, you’ve got to tell me Why do you cry? You should be happy at shop dot. It’s the holiest, most wonderful day of the year.

We’re alive. We have to look at the table. He said after years years, it takes six or seven years of begging and begging.

She told me this story. She said I can see. In my mind, I can see my mama. Blessing the Candace smiling at all the strangers they came to eat at our table and blessing us by doing that. And then I look at all hours of the family, all the children and Papa’s smiling back at me when I nod and smile to him. And then I remember that none of them are alive. I remember it’s like no one survived. And then I hate gods. I said you can’t take go. You just sleep candles. I hate a little bit because he shouldn’t have left me. He shouldn’t have allowed me to remain. So what normally he gave the children. He replaced those children. You can’t replace somebody the others. You have three boys Norma. Not just a useless girl. You have three boys, you have three sons. And so again, you must live. You do not give up. There is no capitulation in the Marcus or Bloomberg family. We do not capitulate. We do not give up. We do not give in. Mama. Never. Why are you yelling at me? I said Mama I love you more than life itself. I put my arms around her and she felt so frail. Her belly was shaking, as she was sobbing And I kept speaking to her. But I could see I could see her eyes. She was looking somewhere as if she was communicating with some invisible to me. But she could see all her family she could see her mother she could see her father. She could see Allah. She could see her sisters and brother in law’s and nieces. One of her nieces graduated high school. She was 12 years old shuffler beautiful child cetera. Also, Dad I don’t know how to impress on you that these kind of situations happened. 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of times to so many other people of my Jewish family. I am not an exception. My mama, my papa without exception my mama? Yes,


Ari: one second. Okay, we’ve been listening to sorry. We’ve been listening to several Marcus, tell her a fantastic story. I don’t even know what words to use. But this is the end of part three. We’re going to get onto part four. At a later date. You’ve been listening to whispers in bricks. My name is Ari Schonbrunn. Remember, listen to the whispers avoid the bricks and never give up on your dreams. Bye for now.

49.  Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

48. Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 3 We Never Give Up

Warshaw Ghetto

Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 3 We Never Give Up

by Ari Schonbrun



Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 3 We Never Give Up


In this episode Sahbra shares some of the somber events that she and her family had to endure. She also shares the strength that her family, herself and so many others had. Despite having to endure so much pain. She reminds us that unfortunately, her story is not uncommon. It is such an important story so that we never forget what happened and always remember those that were lost. This episode reminds us to never give up no matter what. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode Transcription

Intro Plays

Ari: Welcome to whispers and bricks. My name is Barry Sherman. I’m your host. We are now going into part six of Sabra marks amazing story from the Holocaust. Please help me welcome Sabra. Marcus Sabra How are you last time we spoke your your mom had done some amazing miracles that you know hiding the saccharin in your brother’s diapers, which was amazing. And then your dad came home your papa came home. And then we left off it seems that the Russians came to the door again and then they knocked on the door and they came to arrest your papa. And that’s where we stopped. So what happened?

Sahbra: So before I go there, I forgot to mention that when those soldiers were in the house searching, they kept walking by next to my brother saying they stink. Why don’t you do something you lazy woman? Why don’t you wash them? They stink the place they use take overs think everything is things? Is your daughter filthy also. And my mother looks at me and I could see that she says to do not Yes. Yes. I was no longer in diapers, the boy that I stayed. So the door Yes, broken this time hanging halfway off the hinges. Marcus, you’re under arrest. You’re a thief. Somebody came forward and told on him. Now, obviously, it was a lie. But he was promised a loaf of bread. He would have said anything. Oh, God was one of the workers that worked with Papa, someone that pretended to be his friend that a loaf of bread can do many things. They took away. My mother was a prolific letter writer. I think everyone on earth has received at least one of her letters. She kept in touch with everyone just to find out that they’re still alive. If Hitler didn’t get them. She remembered she had a cousin in Moscow. A woman that is or was in charge of transportation. She was a very high ranking officer in charge of transportation for father for mother, Russia, during the war. She wrote to her letters and wrote and wrote and wrote and was hoping that she could at least influence someone to let Papa go up my Topas will send up to the around mountains where the coal mines are. That Mama was informed and everyone in the camp there knew no one leaves those mountains. No one needs those caves. No one leaves that place. Once you’re there, you become part of the scenery you become part of slave gangs. And that’s it. You just have to write your own appetites. You’d say you’re done. Proper try to stay by the wayside. mind his own business, stay in his own cell. Stay away from people my father’s English and my father’s Russian. You could tell he was not a native Russian. And if you listen very carefully, you could tell it’s a Jew. And those criminals were not about to allow a Jew live. And so they came to conclusion that Papa better be put in isolation, or they’ll be missing a worker.

Time was going by. Time was going by weeks are going by and why One day there is noise. It sounded like a revolution was taking place. And in essence, it was a revolution.

The convicts, the prisoners decided, working so hard as they have, not having food. And drinking horrifically filthy water, and becoming more and more sick, was not going to be a way to survive. And so they decided, you’re going to be dead in a few weeks or a few months anyway. Maybe some will succeed, and get out of that hell, and make it into civilization and survive. So it was worthwhile to have an uprising in that prison to see maybe a handful which survive. So papa sees many of them running by himself. And one of them screamed at him, hey, Marcus, come join us. You may be one of those that will survive come Marcus. Persisting self well. My chances of surviving staying here and then I might as well take a chance. It’s a prisoner pricing is stupid. You shouldn’t join it. Go do it. So papa joins them. And he’s running. And he follows everyone that’s running. And it was done so well that they were actually outside, outside the prison gates, outside that entire confinement. Here’s someone breathing heavy next to him. He looks and it’s one of the first parts. And the prisoner the prison guards are saying, hey, Marcus, what’s wrong with you fool? Why are you running with them? He says well, better to die in free air. Then be in that stench? He says, but your release papers came this morning. I’m chasing you. Idiot. If you keep running with them, you will die for sure. I have papers to take you to the train to send you back to Murray. You do. So purposes I don’t believe you. He says he shows him a big package. He says a letter doesn’t come in a package. He says it’s full of money. Black Market money. He says for work. He says for your transportation to get out of here and to go to Moscow to your cousin. Wow. What the black market can do is quite phenomenal. Because you see, just because you don’t know how to deal with it or how to operate. It doesn’t mean there are some people that are in procession in that field. So he grabbed Harbor, he grabbed by zebras father, he grabbed my father by the arm, and the two of them are running because my father’s feet are in terrible shape. They’re full of blisters, and they’re bleeding. So he drags and carries and helps him. And he said I was to release you when I came to your celebree there. What is wrong with you? He says I was gonna die of starvation and disease. Not according to your content. Who the hell is your cousin? He was able to send money look at this money. So Father says Well, why didn’t you keep it? So generous?

Ari: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Why would he? Why wouldn’t he have kept the money even say


Sahbra: that the money arrived? Right? He says because that person cousin of yours is so big. If you are not found alive where she says you should be. And if you don’t say you receive this amount. The common dance of this person will slit my throat.

Ari: Oh my God.


Sahbra So he said I will take you to this station. I brought you clothing. I brought your socks and shoes and made sure everything is big. I used money from your package to buy everything. And now do all this on one condition. And Papa says oh I knew there would be a condition but condition coverage. And he said the condition is bigger Half and half on the money, I’m starving. And Papa looked at him. He says, Take me there. Show me a way to get back to my wife and children. And I will let you have half of what’s there he says, I already use some of it for clothing and food for the for you have packages. So in that you can say he was kind, or you could have totally taken all the money and escape the present during the Prison Break. Sure, and pop over the head nothing. He got him to a place where he was able to find rides to go home. He came back again, my father day, absolute eternal optimist. Those finds a job in a different nature. got eight. And Mama says we have some money now. And he said lawyer, how did you do this? She says remember cousin galena? Sortland. Your cousin She’s your cousin, her father and your mother. Or brother and sister? She said yes. You found her. I said I wrote the styling. You wrote the letters to starting vote Are you insane? She says with the letter got bearish and they read the letter and they found galena Cogan, and she’s a big hero in honor. And for the love of her nation. She not only is in charge of the transportation, prep, transport, bringing food and bringing weapons and bringing everything else to the frontlines. She lost an eye in honor of her motherland. So of course, they will do what she asked. Peppa said, after working in the bakery for some weeks and excelling in his job and doing fantastic work, and soldiers were eating, and he was making special wonderful things for the officers. They decided that he can’t be just a regular peasant. They have to make him an honorary member of the Communist Party. Popper came home that evening from work, and he said, joy over. That’s Deborah, in Yiddish. We’re leaving. And she says, But Velvel I don’t think we can. Why not? She says, he’s she says that you’re shaking, your malaria is back. You’re sick. You need to go into bed and you need to stay there. I’m just gonna keep an eye on the children. Again, I’m there with two toddlers. And Mama runs away. Mama comes back with a doctor and he’s got a whole bunch of little packets had paper packets. And they’re full of quinine. And the doctor I’m listening to what he says and you are to take a glass of water and you’re to open that package and you pour it in a do it so many times a day and put all the blankets in the world you own on top of him. So while Mama was done, I kept covering him with blankets and he kept kicking them off and that just went on till she came back. Two days went by and Power BI still violently ill. And he said well, we have to get out of here. I did not apply for the Communist Party for the documentation. They will arrest me I will be send away again. She says I went to the I went to the train station to see how we can possibly get out. There’s not a single passenger train coming by. Well, what did you see? I didn’t see a train other than military trains that are going to the front. Nothing nothing or trains that are carrying goods to the front.

And he says we can stay here. Today’s the last day pack everything we can have everything we can use. Mama packed. So there we are. We are hiking and Jaco and I and big Backcolor big bundles of things. And she says why are we going to the train? He said Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it. Mama spreads a blanket on the train station on the floor, only a matter of maybe 1015 feet from the actual railroad tracks. And we’re sitting there, I’m holding out to my little brothers and I’m have my legs are one bundle and my brother’s pressed against the other two. And I’m holding on to the bundles as well. And Mama is standing next to us seeing waiting for a signal from top if there’s anything she needs to do. Then she sat down with us and she wasn’t sitting all of maybe five minutes when another train came in every time that came was full of soldiers. Half of them were leaning out the windows hoping there was someone there, they could buy a piece of something. And finally another train came we were there for hours and hours. And we were starving. And mama had hidden the food in the packages. Finally she took out a chunk of bread and gave us each for us to munch on an old woman came down she says I’ll watch your children. Give me a few few pieces of bytes of bread, just a couple of bites. So Mama gave her a chunk of bread and she sat there guarding us. Until she decided to rob one of the packages. Mama slept her hand and told her to get out, slapped up, slapped her and never saw my mother hit anyone. Well, a train came again overflowing with humans. My father said take that big package and come stand next to me. So Mama took that gigantic package. And she came to stand next to him. The train stopped. Papa ran a few steps further to the left. He looked and look and look and he said Joy violet, come here. He grabbed my mother. And I saw him attempting to push her through a window. You couldn’t push anything through that window. When she got to the taxi, shoved them shoved and open the window a little more. He said My mind’s too big and she was a skeleton for God’s sake. And he shot and he shot then she got through the window. And then he served a package that’s 50 times bigger than the window and Mama grabbed and yanked and pulled and he pushed and she grabbed and yanked the package went in. Papa came running took high and practically threw him into mother’s heart arms. She pulled him through the window. Then she did with Yakov. Then he took the packages. Then he grabbed the rag and me the blanket that we were sitting on. He threw us to the window. Mama slept us say. And she kept looking at us and doing this Quiet. Quiet. No one’s say a word. No one’s Be quiet. And look. Where’s papa? And Papa is jumping. And mumbles buddy is more than halfway out the window. So I was holding on to her legs. I was afraid Mama was going to pull up. So she pulls an iPod and she pulls then I pull them then I saw my father’s fingers holding onto the windowsill and she dragged him in. Then I saw her holding his spins. And she dragged them and drag them and then he came tumbling on top of all of us. And then Papa turn immediately sitting with his knee in my chest. And I thought he was going to crush me. And he yanked on the window and closed it and then he looked at us and he said she helped me to Nishan Sheridan, it is forbidden to speak. You mustn’t speak and there we are. We’re lying on the floor, on top of packages on top of each other to speak, we are dying of our eyes are burning from the stench of the place. They’re not speaking. No one is speaking and we’re breathing Quietly, quietly and I hear voices from outside. I tell you I saw them they sneak them through the window. are a bunch of Jews. I am sure of it. I tell you I saw them go look in that room you’ll see I am telling you that to all You’re an idiot and you’re drunk get outta here. I tell you I saw them he pushed him through the window urinated took the besides of that when the nose human can go through that window and they pushed in big banjos once he started talking about all the big bundles, for sure he was a drunk and stupid to now get rid of that bum. And they told them you had to rock your stupid. Nobody can go through that little window. Let us all an adult man and a woman and gigantic bundles. So some berries shoved them because I couldn’t hear his voice anymore. And so when the train started to move, and it’s moving, and it’s moving, and Papa whispers to us. Is anybody in pain? Is anyone hurt? Are you okay? Is anyone hurt? Is anyone in pain? No, papa. No. They dragged out. My brother is hurt. I don’t know where he was. But I can I I had his shoulders. So I figured the rest of it was attached. So I kept pulling and pulling. I said these high definition. Kotlin native Ciriaco young color. Young color. Yeah. Okay. Young color. And he looked at me and smiled. Young color was always ready for a smile in their receipt. And then we were not moving. So papa and mama and the kids. Were all trying to find out where the rest of our limbs are. You were looking for arms legs, and my mom was putting the two little ones on the big bundle. Imma let you okay. Yes, Mama. Time. My leg. Okay, you okay? Yes. As we’re getting organized. A fist is better banging on the door.

Ari: Now let me ask you something before you go on. What was like? What was this? This was already a train car. But was there like no Pete? Was it a cargo compartment orwas it most of matrix when I said it was packed with soldiers going 

to Right? Right?


Sahbra: I know. But I’m saying like you’re I can’t I won’t answer this question right now. You can have to wait another minute. Okay. So that’s this is banging on the door. You’ve been there a long time get out. You’re not the only one in this train that needs to pee. And Papa such soon give me another minute. So he gave him another minute and then he banged on the door again. I’m gonna pee in my pants. Get out. Come on. What’s the matter with you? You’re not the only one on this train. That’s the only bathroom. Wow. Get out. And still my father was making a move. After 10 minutes of others banging and more banging and more banging somebody yelled. Maybe that drunken the train station was right. Maybe there’s a Jew hiding in there. And so Papa had to open the door because the officer said did you open the door immediately or I’m going to shoot through it. And Papa responded if you shoot through the door, you will kill two beautiful Russian boys, future soldiers. So Mother Russia. So they will know shooting. The door opened up. The problem was you couldn’t open the door. We were taking up all the space and all the air and every inch of it. So we had to rearrange ourselves. Papa said we will need help to get out. We are stuck. How many of you? He says a family and many bundles. Several soldiers volunteered. They helped our packages out of there and put against one of the doors by roll. Then they started peeling out humans out of that bathroom. They brought us all out and they stood there in shock. The size of the bundles the size of the humans and the number of people that came out of that battle. And the officer said, you know, the punishment for boarding a military player train. And Father said, is it more than death? He says, No, it is death. Now going to the front, Father said, well, Had we stayed we would have died of starvation or beatings. What are we going to do with you? Father said, I am a great cook. Armies walk on their stomachs. I can help cooking I’ll feed you. I am good. The coming down to that officer looked at an SSR cook. That second step behind you want to cook for you says I am great. That’s where I learned from my father. When many, many years ago, some anti Semite said can you actually dance? And I said, Don’t be silly. I am great. I remembered my father’s words. And because it was an anti Semite, he deserved to be put down like that. I am great. Wait till you see me. I will charge you double. And that was a magnificent, big night up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The number one anti Semite club have ever entered owners and patrons. So they brought us out of there. One soldier yelled, give me him. And they insisted they want to hold Yaakov in their lap and play. Then a voice from another side. From the right side of the train by the window. A beautiful tall man stood up. He says, I want her. She looks just like my little girl at home. Give me to hold her. Give me the beautiful little girl. So he took me. I was handed from soldier to soldier to soldier from one row to the next over everybody’s heads. They just did the same with time. One soldier actually jumped up and walked over to my mother. Mom’s mom’s cadivi and he almost carried dragged her to his seat for her to set. And all the soldiers kept offering us food. Wow.


Ari: Wow. Wow. Okay, that’s you’ve been listening to whispers and bricks. This was part six of sobre Marcus’s amazing story. Until next time, when we’re going to continue with part seven. Listen to the whispers avoid the breaks and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.

49.  Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

47. Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 2 Life and Death in The Warsaw Ghetto

Warshaw Ghetto

Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 2 Life and Death in The Warsaw Ghetto

by Ari Schonbrun



Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 2 Life and Death in The Warsaw Ghetto


Sahbra Markus continues to share her amazing story with us in Part 2 of the series. In this episode, she details what life was like in the Warsaw Ghetto. The pain and despair that everyone went through and also the kindness that helped keep children alive. It is a remarkable story that shows us the perseverance of the human spirit and amazing generosity. That even those that have so little would give to others. It is a story you have to hear.

Episode Transcription

Intro Plays

Ari: Welcome to whispers and bricks. My name is Gary show and I’m your host. Today’s episode is part two of Sabra Marcus amazing escape from the Holocaust. Please welcome Sahbra Marcus.

She’s going to give us the rest of her story

and Sahbra please continue.

Sahbra: my parents left the machine after they got married

how they met I don’t know. All I remember from the stories is that

my father realizing that things are becoming very terrible all over Poland

the 30s brought a great deal. I can’t I can’t think of another word ugly. Things are becoming ugly people ugly atmosphere ugly.

And my papa said

the only place to be safe that has been its expression. If you steal something

is endearment name for me from ANOVAs Anushka Anushka. If you of course I’m sure you’ll never do it but if you ever stole something

Why would you hide it?

So pop I don’t know. I haven’t experimented in this field.

As he’s laughing He said there’s only one place to hide Waipapa he goes straight to the police station and find a corner someplace.

I said the police station why? He says simple. They’ll never look for it over there.

I said well, I that kind of logic. Okay. I get it. Okay. I said to what did you do? My mind I packed our Excuse me? This is 1937 Mama and I packed our things and said we’re going to do what cousin? What’s his name? Dad? What cousin? What’s his name?

18 8080 and 50 that cousin. Remember him? Know who Romberg who’s remembered.

We’re going to go and see what he did.

So my mom and my father went to Warsaw

didn’t take them long.

And they created business after business. Popper was a brilliant pastry chef.

And people love sweets. And especially when the war is there’s a threat of war.

But this point at 1937 There was no war thing so fine.

They created a bakery. Then they created another bakery. Then they had one of the first sidewalk cafes besides the one on the inside.

Serving magnificent torts and beautiful pastries.

Making money and make more money and making

And then Hashem decided to be loving and kind to them, and bless them with the verse of two boys, twin boys.

And soon after that

order came out

when the Nazis have attacked,

the order came

that all Jews are to be moved into a small section of Warsaw

that would become the ghetto.

Those that had money, those that were well to do had a chance to survive.

But the picture in the ghetto, which most people do not wish to speak of, but there are numerous

pictures left that you can actually see.

And what you will see a little boys and girls sitting on the ground with one or two of their siblings dead that their feet from starvation,

or disease are both

people walking by ignoring them.

Others are sitting with their handout for a piece of bread is again being ignored.

Some had none to give, and others just didn’t care. They were concerned about themselves.

My parents

were in the theater.

They were sent there. Nobody had a choice.

They were lucky to know many good people

that were selling my parents, belongings, and Senate selling their businesses and their home

so that they could have some money for food.

In the ghetto.

To say life was hard

is the

most horrific understatement of the century.

The only thing people didn’t do is is eat other human beings.

But it wasn’t far from getting to that point.

My mother found out she was pregnant.

That was one of the most horrific moments of her life.

She kept saying

we can’t have a child now.

We can’t have a child in this place. We can’t have a child in the ghetto.

I have no breaths. I have no milk. I’m dry.

This environment this health. I can’t


her hair hadn’t started yet.


two months I will.

Mama never spoke much of the subject. She was in so much pain.

I was born in July.

Two months prior to that.

A truck came into the


Mama left the two little boys with her close neighbor friend. The neighbor was there with her children. Several other ladies were there with their children. And they all were on the sidewalk letting the children have some fresh air instead of being cooped up in some basement or some

more room that thinks of mold and mildew.

Everybody was afraid you could see the fear you could smell the fear of each person.

Mama went upstairs to get some water for the children.

When she came downstairs there were no children.

o’clock at combat by

all the children were flown on the truck.

There were no infants anywhere

Wherever they found outside, wherever was hidden

mama came down and she said I kept asking where the children were the children I have brought water for all the children

no one responded because everyone was in hysterics screaming and crying all around all along the sidewalk.

Finally, somebody was able to speak up and said there are no children.

They’re on their way to to a death camp.

My mother’s mind

had snapped. To a certain point.


was no longer the person my father knew. She was no longer that kind loving wonderful, brilliant, brilliant.

Even when I knew my mother and she was broken to pieces, she was still brilliant

she stood there and she screamed

and she screamed and they could not stop her from screaming

until her voice was gone. could not stop screaming

my name is Shay for my two little lambs

mine the climb was shaved for

my two little lambs

these then align the kingdom

where are my children? She never stopped saying where are my children?

And to add insult to injury

two months later

after they were murdered I showed up

Why did I say insult to injury?

Gods she said took away her two boys

and punished her for something she doesn’t know what she might have done. punished her by giving her girl

not a little girl to replace

to beauty so to voice that output taken.

Where a girl who needs to go big chip to my boys

my papa send a little boy

place wasn’t tight shut as yet. You could send somebody and little boys. Pardon me.

Little boys were able to sneak out somehow between the Varick somehow between they will they were able to go through old buildings broken buildings, bombed buildings.

tapa said buy me a cup.

A tub to wash closing in.

Mr. Marcus, why do you need a tub? I needed as a bed for my little girl and I needed as a tub to wash her. The little child and for washing the clothes, but I also needed for her to look for a place to sleep.

gave him money to bribe he says if you need to steal one, but don’t come back without

a little boy Sure enough came back with a small tub.

And my father also had send another boy to same time to buy a large bottle of alcohol.

Mr. Marquez, why do you need about alcohol

so I can pour it inside and burn it and purify it.

So that doesn’t hurt my beauty for Lego girl.

Papa said if they hear her cry, she’ll be dead immediately.

Come boys. Let’s see how we can save this child.

They start searching buildings and found one with a basement and then they found a way to remove it

trap door to go into a Sabra basement where the sewers will flowing.

And that’s where Papa has set up camp.

This is where he and his little girl are going to ledge.

This is where he and his little girl and Mama, if we can drag her down there, that’s where they’re going to live.

And when they need to be on top to be visible, so they didn’t escape.

He left the little boys down there with long sticks to fight off the rats. So I wouldn’t be

and this have gone on, and on and on.

And every now and again, one of his Polish friends dressed in some very severe, serious


would show up

and then

beat my father a few times. So good measure and hand them over a small bag of diamonds

or gold.

The profits from selling some of Papa’s property.

Anyone that we teach you all, all you wonderful people assuming, let me teach you.

If God forbid, if God forbid, war ever comes to our shores?


do not collect money. Money is useless money is what you’ve learned to warm up your feet.

The only thing that’s of any value are diamonds and gold.

Nothing else? Of course, a loaf of bread. But it might cost you five carat diamond. You still need the diamonds?


Did you want to say something to me? No, no, no, no. Okay. So papa received every few weeks, some Polacks would come beat him up a little bit. Nothing, nothing drastic, nothing terrible, just for show

and put stuff in his pocket as they were so called citing and use terrible language that only Nazis would. But they had to do that.

Because otherwise, why would that Pollock be there and why is it you’re Miss chip me watch where you’re going.

Papa was sniffing around. Oh, there’s always a bad apple.

Always some bad apples some place in that barrel. You just have to dive deep enough far enough and search. And you’ll find that

after months, and months, and months and months, many months. The situation the starvation in the camp was getting worse continuously.

Every time Papa had food, he would hide some of it under his coat.

And he’d go to some of the children sitting on the sidewalk with their feet in the gutter. You saw the starvation, their eyes were as big as their face.

And it’s a countless me some of the kids would follow him. He’d go into into a hallway he would go into a stairwell of any of the buildings and break up a loaf of bread, giving everyone a chunk and say don’t go out. Eat all of it. We have later said no, no, no, no. Eat all of it now because if someone touches you on pints, they will eat it and beat you up. Eat all of it now. And here is a bottle. Drink as much as you can. Each one drink as much as you can. I’d like to think that having done that so many times that entire length of time that they were there.

Were there for two years, maybe more.

Hopefully that helped some of these children survive.

I pray to God I pray that some of them survived and bless a man that came and gave them to the bread and water every so often.

While we’re still in that horrible helpful, Warsaw Ghetto,

every morning, you so carts every morning you so carts, go through the ghetto go through the streets, when they picked up course after course after course, from in front of the building, right in the Main Street as a book that’s to cross the street and drop that. On the sidewalks everywhere you looked, there were corpses.

And every morning, Jews with buggies

Jews with carts

came to collect some

people say

things about hell.

I’m sure they understand what they think they’re saying.

But I promise you, they do not.

They don’t have a clue what hell as hell is the worst of ghetto

with hundreds of little children and adults of all ages, dropping dead from sheer starvation

and sound from disease. And to them if you ask them, they would tell you it was a merciful day.

They start suffering.

They stop suffering. They understand.

I know what that means.

I didn’t know I was going to know what that means. I found out later

a few years.


Ari: let me just let me just say we’re taught we’re listening here to Sahbra Marcus, as she tells her incredible story of her life in the Warsaw Ghetto. This is the end of part two. Part three will be coming

in the next. Within the next few days. We’ll be getting to part three.

You’ve been listening to whispers and bricks, part two of Sahbra Marcus amazing story of her escape from the Holocaust. Stay tuned for part three coming soon. And until then, listen to the whispers avoid the bricks and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.

49.  Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part 4 Escape To Russia

46. Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part One

Sahbra Markus Surviving The Holocaust Part One





This is part one of an amazing interview series with Sahbra Markus, one of the youngest survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto and a phenomenal speaker. She tells her harrowing story of surviving the holocaust. She lost many of her friends and family. She was witness to a massive amount of suffering and pain. She details how people in the Ghetto helped each other any way they could. Her story is a true testament to how strong the human spirit truly is. It is a most important story not only so we never forget what happened but so we are reminded of how strong we can really be. You won’t want to miss a minute of this series. This episode is sponsored by Strength to Strength, a non-profit organization working with victims of terror globally. Learn more about them at www.STOSglobal.com.  If you would like to sponsor an episode of Whispers & Bricks please send an email to support@whispersandbricks.com. Please make sure to include your name, company name, email address and phone number. 

Episode Transcription

Intro Plays

Ari: Today’s episode is being sponsored by strength to strength, a 501 c three nonprofit organization established to bring victims of terrorism together globally in order to share their experiences and move forward with their lives despite the trauma they have been through. If you understand how a single terror attack and affects so many families on such a deep level physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, strength is strength has taken as their motto survivors healing survivors, recognizing that we are responsible for each other, and that those impacted by terrorism by injury or the loss of a loved one, deserve no less than our very best. For more information on strength or strength, please visit www dot s t o s global.org. That’s www.st OSGLOBA l.org and use code ra pod A Ri P O D

Welcome to Is Whispers and Bricks My name is Ari Schonbrun. I’m your host, I have an incredible guest who’s got an incredible incredible story. She I’m just gonna I’ll read her bio and and you’ll just you know you’ll you’ll get it. Believe me, you’ll get it sobre Anna Marcus, she’s one of the youngest survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto. She lived the life only those who have survived Hitler’s hell can imagine. In her book only a bad dream. She narrates the drama of her early years through her most vivid memories. Sabra courageously recounts those childhood experiences in her compelling voice. Now freed from the repeated warnings don’t tell anyone you’re a Jew. Don’t forget you’re a Jew. It was only a dream. Hang on tight to get lost and die. She tells us traipsing through forests at night, fleeing certain death of her parents hiding her in a church desperate to save her life. A frantic search for surviving family found the marks is traveling throughout Europe on foot by rowboat, military train, farm wagon trucks, and finally the ship Concerta that delivered them to the land of hope, freedom and new beginnings. The only Jewish homeland Israel, only a bad dream shares how in the midst of hunger and deprivation, cyber still found joy in simple things like cats, the moon, wolves and fireflies, a story of the triumph of the human spirit. This memoir provides strong insight into the courage, strength and dignity possessed by those who endured the Holocaust. Please help me welcome sobre Marcus sobre how are you?

Sahbra: Thank you. Well. Unfortunately, we’re very, very happy in Calgary. And I mean, very hard in every possible way. And temperature.

Ari: Well, you’re not alone, because it’s right now it’s a hot throughout the entire country throughout the US and through Canada. So, but my understanding is it’s only one more day, no three of three more days,

Sahbra:We get three of them. Oh, wow. Well, there you see, we’re always generous. We take as much as we can, and then we give it away. There we go. Can you guys generous, there we go. Thank you so much for having me.

Ari:It’s my pleasure. I think your story is very, very important. I’m glad that I’m going to be the one who’s going to record it, it’s going to be recorded for posterity. We need to get the stories out we need you know, the Holocaust survivors are you know, unfortunately, it’s been a long time and they’re dying out. And we’re losing those stories. And it’s so important to get those stories out. And so I’m so happy that you have agreed to come on my show and tell your story. Now as you know, you know my my podcast is called whispers and bricks. And it’s basically the whispers of the good things in life. You know the things that we follow our heart with and you know, they represent the good life. The bricks or the bad things that happen to us in life. Now my brick again was, you know, 911 I got hit with a major brick 911 I was in the building as you know. But your bricks were are just unfathomable, unfathomable, I’m not going to do I’m going to do very, very little talking on this episode. Because this is all about you. It’s about your story. So if you please. Alright, start from anywhere that you want, finish wherever you want. Okay, but please tell us your story.

I’d like to mention to verify a point you just made. The word was spoken by le de sel. I had the great honor of having mentioned several times. And when I said early, this is too difficult. I can’t keep writing. It’s taken you ages and years. Every time I get to some horrific episodes, the pain and the tears go on for weeks and months and I can’t write. He says, Oh, yes, you can and you will. We are dying. And now he’s gone. The words you’re not going to use now will be lost forever. Speak, right? Finish your book. It was his encouragement on three different occasions that finally gave me that needed shake. When your whole body gets shaken up, you shake your head and you say, What is wrong with you? Do it. He said do it nip the nose said do it. Who do you want to come down the Almighty in person and say do it? I say Yeah, well, you know, come to think of it. That would be some kind of encouragement to the computer immediately.

Now, just before you begin just before you begin, again, the name of the book. Only a bad dream. Only a bad dream with a question mark. Right. And it’s available where?

Sahbra: But it’s also the subtitle is childhood memories of a Holocaust survivor.

Ari: And where is it available? Where can people buy it?

Sahbra: Amazon amazon.com Okay, amazon.com only a bad dream. You’re gonna, you’re gonna want to pick this book up. Okay, I’m sorry. Please continue.

I would like to start a story with an episode that took place someplace. I’ve made myself a few notes. Because you know, when you keep talking, you don’t want to misrepresent a particular date. Dates are important. I am guesstimating that this event must have taken place somewhere in 1850 to 1880 somewhere in that neighborhood. The story came to me from my father. The men that love to tell stories, but they only reached the Second World War. And only a few stories from that period. And the rest of the time and the rest of the stories and the history. Mama and Papa became mute. I had to pull literally pool begging and pleading and crying to try and get some information about our history. This one he told freely because he thought it was comical. I don’t see much comedy in it. But then my father liked to be in a in a state of mind and heavy around him of comfort. Love, courtesy hope for the future. The story starts as I said about 1850 1880 Somewhere in there. Again, I also don’t know the they did the exact geography. It could have taken place somewhere in the heart of Russia or in the heart of Poland. Papa wasn’t sure. And the story is really quite interesting. Military was grabbing Jewish kids to put them as fodder in the front lines. So if anyone needs to cross me ugly lines where there is a great deal of military, you send all the Jews first in all the front lines, and then it’s the poet’s and the Russians. And so they went from village to village from town to town, grabbing those Jewish kids, loading them up on wagons, and taking them to wherever the barracks, were preparing them, they might have even taught them how to shoot and gave them guns, not all dead, but they did. And so my great, great, great grandfather, whoever he was said to his son, we need to hide you somewhere. They are going to come the military will come. And they’re going to insist that you will be taken into the military. And you will be sent to the frontlines where no Jewish kids ever come back. And my, his son, that was the eldest boy, excuse me, he was of the age. And he said, You know what, I heard a story that came from some city not far from where they lived. So the Jewish man had a gimmick. If you hide them, they find you they shoot you right on the spot. But if you don’t have a trigger finger, you’re useless to the military. So many of the Jewish boys, it became the new game in town. Papa, we have to get the butcher we have to get the Moyale we have to get one of those people and cut off the trigger finger. And some cut off those trigger fingers, right arm and left arm. Both hands all of a sudden didn’t have this finger. They were gone.

And so this great, great, great, great grandfather looked at him and he said, to name yourself, cut off your right trigger finger. He says what cannot be useless to them. Baba. Let me do it. And his father thought about it and thought about it. He said, Give me a few minutes. Like I think I have a better solution. No, you’re not going to main yourself. You’re going to Warsaw. Warsaw. Why would I go to war. So we have concerns. We have cousins everywhere. So They sneaked him out of the city into a wagon with a great deal of merchandise that was going to worship. He was hidden underneath. And it was going to take days and days and days to get there.

By but he stayed in that wagon. They arrived in Warsaw and by God that’s exactly what happened. cousins in Warsaw took him in the look looked at him they said you can dress like this and stain wersal You looked like you just came from the steps.

So immediately a new wardrobe was given to him from one of the cousins. And he said, Have you ever been to a city like Warsaw? And he said no. He said have you seen the glory of war so no ticket tomorrow? I will introduce you to your new home. Warsaw says you know I love singing and I love acting. He said no I know nothing of you in the family. So I started telling him stories. And he says what I really don’t know for sure is What is your name? He said same as your name. same last name. Marcos Mar KU last Mark And my father said that his great, great, great, great cousin said to his own cousin in the war, so that’s not good at all. But if they find out that I have relatives in wars was one of the Military Times. And that cousin said, Well, what you want to do? He says calm. You said it’s a big city. And you said you’d like to sing and dance and act. Yeah. So do you have a theater district? We do. So they go for a visit to the theater district. And that great, great, great, great cousin of ours is looking at the marquee of every theater with the names of all the actors. Sorry, I misspoke. The name was not the name that I just used. That wasn’t Marcus. Marcus is the name he saw on the marquee. He said who is this? One of the most famous actors in Poland? His name is Marcus. See, ma RK us. Well, what’s your name? He says same as yours. He says same as mine. He says I’m your cousin, drummer. And then looks at my father work. What’s a bronzer job? He says that’s who we are. I am a Bloomberg. He said yes. If you go back to 1857 I don’t want to go back that far. I’m happy right here. I said what happened? He says Marcus was never found. And Marcus had a wonderful life in Warsaw and had a wife and children and had been registered as a Marcus voice. Marcus no less. Can you get a new more go? Yes. The name my father carries versus my father was balls markers in Hebrew is in the air, which is the word for wolves in Hebrew. I said so what happened to Blumberg? Did we lose track of Brumberg? He said Bronco doesn’t exist because when that became Marcus, where they never go home? Well, no. You could never go home. At any of his family ever visit him? No, no, because he no longer existed. Valuable Brumberg disappeared from the face of the earth. Broomberg disappeared. There was no contact. Our history starts with this. Make Believe markers. And then his children traveled and married throughout different parts of Poland. And that’s where my youth Hawk Merkel’s Yakov Marcus is my great grandfather. Yak of my uncle’s his son, Yitzhak Marcos, is the father of my dad.

And say, Papa than you telling me I have no clue who I am. Well, you’re a Marcus. I said, No. I’m nice. I am the daughter of great great granddaughter of the Polish genius of an actor. Maybe the name influence technique to go into showbusiness. That’s why I danced and act in films. He says they do. Already we have a history. I said no farther. I need the truth. Several, why can’t you leave well enough alone? I said because now it’s not well, and it’s not enough. It’s not the truth. How do I get the truth? He says, Well, one of the things you love more than anything else is science fiction. Get yourself a machine. Take a small trip. To 1850 Find Romberg in that small town have a chat. So, every time I watch any of the science fiction movies, I could say, can I borrow that machine for a minute? I need a quick trip. You know, whoever is hurt. I have to tell you, all your nice people. This is one of the few from humorous stories. My life has been a story of questions. Where did this happen? When did that happened? Why? Why? Why would you torture and torment abuse? About low else? They were children. Why would you do this to small children. This is why I have that subtitle of childhood memories of the Holocaust. It is inconceivable to me that these small creatures God gave us to care for to be used as as punching bags, or something to give you pleasure to the sadistic people of that era. And when people say that, Oh, yeah, it was the Nazis. And no, no, it wasn’t only the Nazis. It was all of Europe. It was every country in Europe. Everybody participated, do not make me choose, you will be very disappointed. Start my stories to you. With the origin again. This time, it’s still in Warsaw, Poland in the capital. My mother and father came from elsewhere. They came my mother came from judging. In Poland, a city in Poland. And my dad is from Austroads muscle via the kind of region of masovia and the city is Austroads. I’m not too sure what they’re known for. The only one I was able to find some decent research was about my mother city. Judging, it was one of the two top cities in all of Poland is at war. The smarter business, the fashion industry of Poland. That’s where all the best tailors fashion designers. Those that produced mass production for the country of wardrobes, and decided on quality decided on actual fashion. And so most of the Jews were involved in that field most my mother’s family not only had a few shops, where they did the sewing, the designing, they also had a store of hardware, where they supplied machinery and any form of equipment to the farms in, in around judging to the farmers. They also owned land which was against the law. But they were able to do that because they had put the names of Gentiles on the land. And they allowed the Gentiles to live on the land, work the land and get a very nice percentage of the income. But they were still able to own the land until of course Hitler came when everything was gone. Some of the people that clicked on that land and worked on it for generations. From the story I have from my parents, that my mother’s family We live in and within around the area for over 400 years. Wow. So it’s not as if they came last week and we’re trying to move in and take over. They’ve been there forever my mother, his father, my grandfather Heinemeier was a hard working man, a brilliant man studied with the house of like stare originator of Hasidic movement. Call Center. Yeah. Yeah. He studied in that. Hetero, he was given Hector Ururoa, which means he was given permission to teach. He was such a brilliant student. And, of course, he had a big family, he had a wife and he had businesses. And so he was postponing his acceptance of the rabbinic title. He kept saying, let’s do it next year. Let’s do it next year. Unfortunately, next year and next year, didn’t come. At the age of 35. In the prime of his life. He suddenly died of a heart attack. He was gone. Grandma was devastated. And of course, four daughters and a young, very young son, the only son that was going to your Shiva and studying. He was going to be the rabbi. His dad didn’t succeed in becoming because of his name. That young man was a How old is everyone called him? He was a handsome, gorgeous, gorgeous young man. I have photos to prove it with some very cute photos. Small sensible mama had sewn into the bottom of her coat. It was a very very shaky time in Poland. The Nazis showed up. They came in with their planes. I am speaking the words of my father, may you rest in peace. They came with their planes they flew into Warsaw and before more so had a chance to get their air force and gear. The German planes came to the airfields all over Poland and war so they destroyed the Air Force. They destroyed most of the Air Force before they even were able to start their engines. My father’s anger was we are beyond words. He says small handfuls of planes would go up in the air against those mess of aircrafts. They were useless. They were useless is number one sentence My father was a took Hitler two weeks to tame Poland and to Hitler over two months to destroy the underground in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Ari: Let me just stop you for a moment. Let me just stop you for a moment where we’re here with with the Sabra Marcus, who’s giving us her incredible incredible story. And you know when we’re it’s just, it’s, you know, we’re, I have no words. It’s very, very difficult for me to speak on it. But she’s going to give us the rest of her story. And Sabra. Please continue. You’ve been listening to whispers in Brixham My name is Iris Schoenbrunn. This is the end of Part One of Sabra Marcus amaze. A story from her experience during the Holocaust. Stay tuned for part two coming very soon. Until then, listen to the whispers avoid the breaks, and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.