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Lisa Caprelli a remarkable woman she is a business owner, teacher, speaker, best-selling author, and master marketer. She is proud of her humbling beginnings and overcame many bricks to get where she is today. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in social science. Throughout her marketing career, she helped many companies grow. Until she decided to follow her dreams and became an author. She is the author of 16 best selling including a children’s series about a unicorn named Unicorn Jazz. She has followed the whisper and speaks regularly at schools to children about finding what they love to do. Her message is for all ages find what you love to do and figure out how to do it. Her story is definitely inspiring and one you won’t want to miss!

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Ari: Welcome to his prison bricks. My name is Ari Sherwin. I’m your host today with me. My guest is Lisa capelli. I hope I’m pronouncing that right Lisa. Lisa capelli is an award winning author of 16 books including The unicorn book series unicorn jazz. She’s passionate about writing as she explains, I grew up shy and introverted. My only voice was on paper. With that said this Latina author has created a world class brand around a unicorn named unicorn jazz, with animal friends and ocean animal characters. At the onset of the pandemic, Lisa knew she had to do something outside the box to continue creating and developing our characters for children. A year later, she launched unicorn chairs, unicorn jazz presents, the thing I do. That is on Amazon TV prime, which is described as a modern day Sesame Street meets Mickey Mouse Club, where kids can send in their own video content usic talents and more. She’s been featured in Forbes magazine ABC news outlets USA Today do his papers just to name a few. She grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas, and is proud of her Latin roots and culture. She has experienced presenting to elementary, middle and high school students and as taught at long beach state California. With a 26 year history of branding public relations FM am am radio the business experience show podcasting and writing background. Wow, that’s a lot. Lisa has made writing her life as an entrepreneur at least so went on a two and a half year journey, researching and interviewing 30 notable entrepreneurs on what makes for a meaningful, happy and prosperous life. Enter her book skip a step in parting wisdom for young entrepreneur minds. It was through skip a step that She fulfilled her life’s purpose to create the unicorn jazz world. This best selling author is proud to be the first generation to graduate from college, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Social Psychology. She believes in community outreach and volunteering as seen with her reach and storytelling with children’s hospitals. These enjoys keeping up and teaching the latest trends and technology to leverage and collaborate with great leaders to make stories and the love of reading meaningful. Please help me welcome Lisa capelli.

Lisa: Thank you. wonderful introduction.

 Ari: Hey, Lisa, how you doing? 

 Lisa: That’s great. I’m wonderful. 

 Ari: Thanks so much for joining me on the show today. That was some resume. Let me tell you. That’s that’s absolutely amazing. I mean, I just, I’m tired. Just just reading about it.



I’m very humble. Thank you. I sometimes I’m in it. Because, again, I yeah, I grew up with humble beginnings. I grew up with a family of five divorced parents, you know, my mom was a single mom raised as a large Hispanic family, we grew up with a lot of love. So I often say, you know, how do you know you’re poor, unless someone tells you because we didn’t know until we got to grade school, we had a lot of love. And I had my grandmother who believed in me and I, you know, in my books in my works, it’s so important that we believe in others, you know, and I know everyone who’s listening can think of at least one person in their life that believed in them that helped them to catapult to next levels of their life. And for for me, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy paying it forward and reaching out to the younger generations.

 Ari: Wow. Wow. Now you just answered like for my questions that I had prepared for you. So I guess we’re gonna have to spend the next 30 minutes just looking at each other. No, just kidding. Me. So funny. Just kidding. Okay. But as you know, the name of the podcast is whispers and bricks, the whispers of those voices telling you what the right thing to do is, and they represent the good in life. The bricks represent the bad things that we go through in life. And we all know that life is not a straight line. There are many ups and downs and many bumps in the road. Now you’ve had a very successful career in branding and marketing over 26 years. And then three years ago, bam, you just gave it all up. You must have been hit with one heck of a brick. Tell us what happened.



Well, there’s a combination of many things. Um, you know, you we often hear growing up, do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I mean, who doesn’t want to live up to that mantra? Or, you know, when you actually do what you love and the skill set that over decades in life, then it’s going to be rewarding and fulfilling you we hear things about what is our why, like Simon Sinek in his TED talk, we hear about, uh, you know, would you what is your purpose in life? Right? And when that applies to work, you know, after going on a two and a half year, question research for my book skip a step in parting wisdom for young entrepreneur minds. And I asked different people questions about what is the meaning of life. I mean, you know, Michael Gerber, who wrote the E Myth series, a six time New York Times bestselling author, Joe Garner, so many other people, Jessica Jackley, who did TED talk, she was an Oprah. And for me, it was a way to, again, what would I want to tell my younger self that could have helped me fast forward, skip any steps into doing what I love, and I became an entrepreneur, once I moved from Texas to California, it’s been 20 years now I’ve started different companies, I, people would come to me to market their company, whether their brand product or service, and a lot of it was my background in social psychology, understanding the psychology of how things work, a lot of it was figuring out things myself and being a lifelong learner. And after helping over 150, CEOs and brands, you know, figure out their why their purpose, making, what they’re enjoying, you know, making their work fun and spreading that into their company. Because as you know, as a leader, it starts at the top. In 2018, I, I wanted, it wasn’t taking a chance on what I wanted, it was like, What can I do now, having the confidence and the wherewithal to create a company and a brand that I could lead with market run, etc. And a lot of people don’t know, I do love writing. And I knew that writing books is your own IP or own intellectual property. And so I created a brand around a unicorn, you know, there’s Hello Kitty, that’s a brand there’s, you know, Mickey Mouse, a big brand. And I wanted unicorn jazz, it was very catchy, simple, I put a lot of my personality into in her she’s a shy unicorn, that moves to a new land in search of new friends, until someone believes in her I mean, many of us can relate to a story like that. I do grow up really shy. When I speak at schools, when I get to have the privilege and honor to speak in front of all the age groups, you know, if I get invited to like a fifth grade classroom, I say, Well, let me speak to your whole school. And I tailored my messages based on their age range. So realizing that that responsibility and the fun factor in sharing messages for you know, again, you just go back to your seven year old self, and what would be messages I wanted to see that would have pushed me that would have propelled me into doing more of the things I love into the thing I do. So I created this story. In the middle of the night, and I have different stories of the unicorn jazz series. What’s what’s important about this one that I didn’t mean has a lot of meaning to my heart is my show is called unicorn jazz presents, the thing I do I have a song called the thing I do. That, of course, is children’s books, which to me is still for all ages, the thing I do is about the thing that you do, if you’re listening to this, talk about that, the thing I do is about the thing you do so if you’re listening to this, and you have different interests, maybe your 30s or 40s, and you’ve always wanted to play the guitar, and you wanted to do what you wanted to become an artist, it’s outside of your career. And to me used to do it, but why not encourage that a younger age? You know, are you and I when we agree now, you know, we were encouraged to have a profession like Doctor lawyer, you know, things that are going to pay the bills, right. But now, thanks to technology, thanks to so much range of diversity that we can learn many different things. Why not encourage that at a young age so that if you’re doing what you love, you’re going to succeed and you’re going to have a greater purpose to give back.

 Ari: Wow. That’s, that’s really, really amazing. So basically, you finally listened to the whispers, which led you to discover some deeper truths about yourself probably about your life, and what was really important to you. 


Yeah, that’s absolutely amazing. It’s

great for you growing up for you, like what would have been in a voice that told you you could do the different things that you’re doing on I mean, being a podcast host, which I’ve had different shows myself and I’ve been on your end of interviewing people, and learning from some amazing people in the world. And you’re, I’m sure you’re a lifelong learner as well. Is, is what if you were We were introduced to these when we were young, you know, and the team concept of of connecting with other people that do their things, because I’m not a singer. I get professional singer, kids singers for my songs. I’m not the illustrator. I got an illustrator to do all the art. And so the thing I do is about people coming together and the teamwork that is essential to grow what you love to do.

 Ari: Wow, you know, and you’re right. You know, you know, I wish I would have had somebody telling me and the telltale sign for me, which happened Well, I don’t want to tell you how many years ago because that’ll be giving away my age. I don’t want to tell my age. But when I was in college, my favorite course, in college, back then it was called speech. I think today they call it communication. All right? It was my favorite. Okay, that was my fear. That was my favorite favorite subject. I never prepared for it. You know that every every week, you had to put down an outline of what you’re going to talk about, you know, points and whatnot, whatever. Never did a stitch work like that. I would walk into class, I’d say like, what’s the topic? What are we doing? You know, somebody would tell me and I get up and literally ad lib for the next three minutes. Like, no issue thing,

right? I couldn’t do what you do. So I would need to work with you if I wanted to promote something.

So but it never dawned on me to become a public speaker. Right? It never dawned on me to become a coach to come and cover it just I wish I would have known what I know, today, I wish you would have known that because my life would have been totally different. Now, because of what I went through a 911 that kind of, you know, thrust me into the into the limelight. And I realized that, you know, telling my story was so beneficial besides being beneficial for me, because it was very therapeutic for me after the whole thing happened on 911. I was affecting people’s lives, I was changing people’s lives. And I never realized how powerful that could be. But I’m glad that I found it. I’m glad that I do it. And then it was only it was only six, eight months ago where a friend of mine convinced me to actually start a podcast, I’d never dawned on me to start a podcast, but I didn’t once I started, and I started to interview people, I just fell in love with it. It was on believable. You know, it was great. Now, let me ask you this. Did you ever reach a point in your life, when you said to yourself, you know, this is too hard, I can’t do it. I’m giving up my dreams. I’m just not gonna, you know, I just can’t do it. And if that did happen, okay, how did you get out of it? How did you break away from that and become the person that you’ve become? You know,

 Lisa: a lot, I would say I was typically the cheerleader for people to CEOs and the brands I work for to do that to not give up, you know, again, we need someone to believe in you. Um, for myself, if it wasn’t with unicorn jazz with the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go to school. So my work was affected, I would put myself in the artists entertainment category where everything was stopped. I was in a city by city tour getting requested in different parts of the country. And again, my lifeblood is children put me in front of 300 to 1000 children in the day, very easy to sell books very easy to, to give some key messages that are inspiring and that they want more of and that you know that the educators and the adults also get to learn from when that changed for me had I not gone into schools before the pandemic. So of course, timing is everything. Because there you know, I said, What am I gonna do with all this die now? Right and, and I said, I gotta create something create, you know, if you don’t in and out and create, what can I create? I said, I could create a show it start on Facebook Live YouTube Live, which is now on Amazon TV, we have a season rolling out called the thing I do. And I And rather than, you know, be depressed, because that’s quicksand, you know, I just didn’t know I have to be a leader of happiness, I’m going to recruit other people. We’re going to be happiness leaders, as I would call it to share the things we do and make it fun, and entertaining and educational. So we started doing that video piecing together segments that create the show, thanks to technology, we were able to do this. And I led it and directed it behind the scene. Had I not known that my success was in schools and I knew the pandemic would lift we didn’t know how long right? And for to me, I looked at it, I was buying time to create content. When I go back into schools in this new school year and coming. You know, I actually created more so imagine, you know, I’m more than a children’s author, I’m a show creator, I’m a singer. I’m a songwriter, not a singer, but I just think and and I created more books I created beyond the book activities from my book, you know, things that the teachers could use, I did go do virtual zoom visits to all the schools which was easy I could be in New York and in Texas all in one day. And and the world caught on to technology. So even going forward, I could still do virtual I could still do in person, which in person is my favorite, you know, to connect and see people like you know, I’m sure the same for you. And if I didn’t know that I would have questioned myself and there are times you’re going to question yourself as a business owner because you know, when you’re a startup company, it takes years nothing. There’s very rare it’s overnight success. The 13 people in my book skip a step. They had their own trials and tribulations. Some of them started had you know, started they they may In a world class company, the first time something changed and recession changing, they figured out something else to do. So for me it was it was really going on the you know the pitfalls and success of other people knowing that that’s what you do. So if you don’t have other people to, to that believe in you, you you need a support system, like you said, your coach people need you to cheer them on to champion them to when there’s a problem, how what’s the solution? You know, like, there’s the same, you know, if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me, what are you going to do? That’s going to be different, you know, enter, when blockbuster was in every, you know, everywhere in the country, in the storefront and into Netflix, you know, life is going to always change, what are you going to do to adapt to the change in your business? And are you going to be able to weather the storm of how long it’s going to take for you to be a business that is successful?

Wow, you’re absolutely right. You know, I interviewed a guy. And I asked him the following question. I said, So how long did it take you to become an overnight success? He said to me 18 years. Okay, and and people don’t realize that people see famous people or people that are very successful. And they think it happens overnight. And it doesn’t and people go through you and I we’ve gone through our trials and tribulations, different ones, but still in all trials and tribulations, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m the first to admit it. I still have doubts very often I’ll wake up in the morning, I’m going like, this is never gonna work. You know, I’m never gonna make any money. I’m, you know, because this is gonna be, you know, and I wake up with those doubts, right? And you have to push through and I push through and I, you know, I listen to a motivational tape or I talk to people like you who really, really get me fired up, and you know, and I said, Well, if she can do it, I can do it. You can do it. That’s exactly right. That’s exactly it. Let me ask I think you answered the question, but I don’t remember. Like, who’s the one person you can point to? That you could say had the most influence in your life?

 As a child, my grandmother, my grandmother had a third grade education she her mother died and she had to raise her family and not continue school. So her again, being Hispanic family, we were first generation my sisters and I to go to college and graduate. Excuse me,

where did we

Oh, Paso Texas aboard?

Yeah, but where did you come from?

 Well, my, you know, my ancestors would be from Mexico. Okay, their generation Texas, my grandmother grew up in New Mexico, which is right, right next to where we are El Paso, Texas is on you know, is bordering New Mexico, and it’s bordering Juarez, Mexico, which is a third world country. So, you know, I’m so growing up, it was definitely my grandmother, as and when I got into the workforce, there was a girl named Cindy Kirkland, I talked about her all the time, we’re still friends, she helped pave the way in believing in me and recognizing my talent, recognizing that I wanted to do more, learn more, learn every department there was and she would teach me and again, back then I was shy, still as an adult, and she just gave me that. Just believing me, you know. And as I got older, you know, professors, you know, you know, everyone has a great professor, great teacher, learn from them, you know, after school, like when they have, you know, hours, you can learn the wrong, go learn from them. You know, thanks to today, we have technology. You and I are older than Google and YouTube. So we can google and youtube things and learn there’s always a way to learn and not being afraid. And I say to the people over 30 over 40, who maybe, you know, are afraid of technology, compared to the younger generations are born with the internet in their pocket. Pretty much. .

 Yeah. So, you know, I feel it’s a responsibility to keep learning as much as I can. And when it’s not your favorite thing, outsource it. Um, but I’m constantly I creating learning and it keeps me young at heart. I want to I learned how to video edit last year when I was creating my show, because I work with some phenomenal editors. But there’s things that I needed done faster, or I wanted to learn the behind the scenes of what editing was like, and it’s kind of fun. I mean, it’s another form of writing in a way for me. And, you know, I love to create and Michael Gerber in my first chapter of skip a step. At the very end, he’s 80 years old when I interviewed him. Wow. And he’s still speaking, he’s still writing, he’s just a mover and shaker and loves what he does. And he, I said, What is the meaning of life and he’s like, with slides to create, you know, we’re given honest to create so all these words are created to have vision behind supporting each other, build relationships in life and always take care of nurture them, you know, comments and things, be a good person, you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And you know, now that I am a speaker and now that I get to impart wisdom to children. For me, it’s a responsibility I take it’s made me a better person because who am I to speak about certain things, you know, moral ethics if I’m not living them and and again, not that I, you know, no one’s perfect on this earth, we all have our stuff that we’ve done and, and for me it’s it’s I feel, you know godsend in the skills I’ve been given but the people that that do look up to me and for me what are the messages I’m going to put out to the world and things that I just turned 50 This year I have, you know, I hope to write 50 More books if I can, or more or, you know, I hope to have an automated series with unicorn jazz. So there’s a lot ahead. I definitely am grateful for my 26 years plus in marketing and branding that I did not know what helped me so much today. You know, I sometimes tell people when I became okay, I’m now a children’s author, again, I tell people, it’s kind of like, I feel like Benjamin Button where I’ve started working with adults in business. And that was my comfort zone, networking business, you know, CEOs, leaders, that kind of thing, and brands. And then then I wrote a book, skip a step, which was for teens, and I wanted it for the teen mind, even though it’s for all ages. And then now working with children’s and now I’m actually doing baby books as well. So I’m like Benjamin Button. And I tell people at the beginning I do, I wanted to kind of forget that I didn’t I didn’t want people to know me for marketing and branding. I didn’t want to be typecast, you know? And but how could you forget that? And then, you know, people ask, Well, how did you do all that, and it’s because of that background. So you never know what you learn in life. Like maybe for 10 years, you’re doing a certain trade or profession, and you completely change like I did, and, and I’m happy I did i It’s I’m living the best life I love what I do. I, I I have I’ve learned about balance, which I wrote in my chapter 13 skip a step, which I learned from people about happiness is, is not work all the time, which I’ve done, you know, you need to have something called Five hats, which, when you feel your five hats or your partner’s five hats, you know what they are, you know what your employees are, you’re gonna thrive and be happier. So the five areas of life are family, friendship, your career, your connection you have, and the adventure. So those five areas there are true for you the true for me when you get to discover them. And it’s like a fuel meter. And sometimes, you know, if you are new business, you’re gonna probably work more than the average person and, but don’t do it for too long. Because your your family and your your friendships might suffer. You know, I’ve been there done that I’ve seen people been there, done that. I see people very successful, super millionaires. And they lost the balance in their life, and they’re not happy. So what’s the point of having, you know, you know, beautiful, exotic cars, oceanfront homes, which I’ve seen, and they’re not happy, or they’re doing wrong things, you know, I don’t see what what the value of that is, is life. And I got to see all this. And I didn’t want to do what the mistakes what other people did, I wanted to learn from them and be a better person.

 Ari: Wow, you know, you hit the nail on the head, I interviewed a woman who was a surgeon. And after umpteen years of schooling and umpteen years of working as a surgeon, whatever, she totally got burned out, like totally. And she chucked it all trying to figure out what she wanted to do. And now she’s become a coach, very successful. And she teaches people, you know, especially she focuses on burnout. And she just teaches people how to get through that, you know, how to deal with that. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s exactly what you’re talking about. And I find that, you know, many people I, like you said, you know, I’ve worked for a guy who, you know, was sitting on top of the world, literally, and he had everything that you can imagine. And I was talking to a friend of mine, and I said, you know, I don’t envy him. And they looked at me like, Oh, really? How come? I said, because he’s got the same problems that I have. I think what do you mean, he’s like a multi billionaire? When I say no, but he’s got the same problems I have. It’s just on a different scale. I worry about what kind of car I can afford to buy, he worries about what kind of jet he can afford to buy. Right? I worry about what kind of house I can have. And he worries about what kind of a mansion he can afford. Right? So he has the same problems that I do. It’s just on a different scale. So you know what, I’m not envious of him.


Lisa:No, and and then the more countries the more power the more wealth comes more responsibility than the people that work for you. And then all of these things, and then people feel that they’re entitled and you know, I, I’ve seen it all and I feel like you know, we are all doing the best we can and we are all given. You know, again, like I say your God given talents, and to do the best that you can do. I hope that I’m like, you know, Baby Einstein was born out of a woman’s garage. And five years later, she sold it to Disney do I hope that that’s unicorn jazz? 

 Yeah. Do

Of course. You know, we’re not saying that we’re not saying that, you know, all we’re saying is money isn’t everything, but it is it thing? Well, exactly.

And and you know, I, you will have enough when you when you when you understand that when you learn business or you have mentors or coaches that help you. And for me, you know, going into schools and selling books and getting paid for speaking of appearances and to me like that’s sustainable dude. And can I create more? And will I? The writing’s on the wall? Most likely yes. So enjoy

it, the writing’s on the wall. So now you’re writing on walls.

 I do write everywhere. Now I write I write really fast, but it comes from decades of experience. I always say as you introduced my bio as my only voice was on paper greenup and that’s because I was shy so my outlet was expression was writing. Little did I know that that was going to be really the lifeblood of my life. You know, writing this in social media message writing is, is in you know, songs, I’ve learned how to write songs, writing isn’t books, that’s kind of a given. Writing is, is I’ve been able to articulate myself in writing first, therefore, I can be a speaker. Second, it’s still not my natural thing, like writing to me. Just come so natural. I had to learn how to be a public speaker, not my favorite thing to be in front of a camera. I was like, Can someone else do that for me? Of course, I had to learn. So you know, in life, you’re going to learn things that that are beyond your comfort zone. And, and that’s part of learning and growing.

 Ari: That’s so funny, because by me, I’m not a writer at all. Okay, I did write a book. Okay, I wrote my book, miracles and fate on 78. And the only reason I wrote it well, I was kind of pushed into it by friends who told me I needed to write my story. And I said, I’m not a writer, they go, we don’t care, you need to write it. And I tried to get a ghostwriter to do it, but they want to like stupid money for it. So I realized that the only way it’s gonna get written is if I write it, I literally sat down. And it took me about nine months to write it. Right. But it wasn’t something that was natural to me now. Public speaking. That’s a whole nother ballgame. I mean, you You put me in front of an audience and I am golden. You know, I yeah, there’s nothing grand you know what? The bigger the audience the better I get? Yeah, it’s just London. It’s just

 Lisa: yeah, you could take your you know, you could you could speak your book, which some people do, you could take your best of nuggets on your show and turn that into some kind of book. I mean, all kinds of things. But no, I get that. And we are aren’t supposed to be good at everything. It’s like when I had my own marketing company. And here I see businesses trying to market that have zero experience. I’m like, why are you trying to do that, like, that’s not, that’s not your forte. And again, the thing I do fucking so is to is realizing that we need a team of people that do what they love, you know, that you connect with, to, to grow, you know, in a bigger way. Like, I have a publicist still today now, because I don’t want to I don’t have the time to do what she does, and getting the brand awareness out there. I would then my balance on my five hats would be low. I’d be working all the time. I I’ve done that. And I I love my I’m in a wonderful relationship right now. And you know, we’re always about balance. I mean, do we want to just have fun all the time? Yeah, but you know, we’re gonna run out we’d run out of money, you know, like you need to work. You know, I love building the relationships, my family and boy, did we not learn during the pandemic, how family and friendship is everything to us. So relationships, and you know, having connection and what is your adventure? How did you make adventure during the pandemic, we all found innovative ways to still have the

Ari: adventure, right? So you’re in a relationship? Do you have kids?

Lisa: I do. I have a 30 year old, that’s a nurse and he actually plays my puppet voice, the tree Zekey he’s actually very funny. And I was almost 16 year old who’s a YouTuber as well. Love words, both for different personalities. But I always encourage technology with them. And boy, did they learn it and apply it to their careers? They must be proud of mom, though. Thank you. Sure. You know, I think it’s one of those things when I’m older and they they have kids, maybe they’ll appreciate more, but it’s fine. I, I’ve learned like they, you know, they got to be kids for their age and do their own thing. My son that that works with me doing the puppets, I actually have have a lot of fun with him because he has like an act of personality. And I tend to recruit people like to help me you know, to grow the things that I do and and have fun doing it and it’s hard to not enjoy working when you’re messages for kids most people do. And that’s another thing I didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be when kids you know, innocent vulnerable and again, we were once there that they can take away some really cool messages based on the life work you have

Ari: 100% Okay, before we go, is there anything you can share with my audience any words of wisdom from all your experience something you just want to impart with that Something short.

 Lisa: Yeah, you know, I’m going to share a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Um, I hope you live a life that proud of I hope you live a life. That’s true. And if you’re not, I hope you have the courage and strength to start over again. And that has been me.

Ari: Wow, that’s beautiful. That’s really great. Okay, so if people want to get in touch with you advice or they want to pick your brain or they want to coaching or whatever it is, what’s the best way for them to do that? Yep, website. Yeah,


Lisa:I do. Fall and I’m gonna give out my my children’s brandy. Unicorn You can learn about me no matter what age we it’s always fun to learn through fun ways. Unicorn, jazz

unicorn jazz you and I see or and JAZZ Unicorn. Great. So that’s your website?

Yes, you can also go to Lisa capelli. My first and last name calm and meet me there all lead to the same place. I’m very grateful to connect with educators, parents, teachers, people who enjoy giving positive messages for kids of all ages. Thank you for having me on your wonderful show our

 Ari: well thank you for joining us. We’ll talk I’ll touch base with you off, you know offline about some of those teachers and educators. Okay, Lisa, thanks so much for sharing your story of my audience. Good luck going forward. You been listening to whispers and bricks and I’m your host Gary Shaman. Until next time, listen to the whispers avoid the bricks and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.