From Tragedy to a Journey of Healing: An Interview With Lauren Rosenberg

by Ari Schonbrun

From Tragedy to a Journey of Healing: An Interview With Lauren Rosenberg




The loss of a child… It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. And an unimaginable brick. Sadly, this is a tragedy that

occurred to Lauren Rosenberg and her family. Four years ago, after 12 days in the hospital,

her 20-year-old daughter Liora passed away. Today, on the Whispers and Bricks podcast, Lauren shares her inspiring story.


Episode Transcription:


Ari: Welcome to whispers and bricks. My name is Ari Schonbrunn, and I’m your host. Today we have a guest who had the worst kind of brick thrown at her. She lost a 20 year old daughter. Lauren Rosenberg is originally from France and has been living in London for over 20 years. She very much enjoys using her experience as a professional complementary health therapist, to help people with their physical and or emotional health issues. As with any parents, her family’s well being is very important to her. So when one member of her family became extremely unwell, with multiple allergies affecting every area of their life, she sought expert medical advice, however, with traditional methods had very little impact. She found the combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques better known as EFT, and other holistic therapies such as music and eye movement therapy as an example, to be highly effective in restoring them to full health. Witnessing the success of an EFT based approach a close hand made her even more passionate about this special therapy. That is why she became an international energist EFT slash EFT Master Practitioner and trainer specializing in EFT and emo trance, energy healing for mind, body and spirit. As well as being an all around health therapist Lauren is an EFT and matrix reimprinting practitioner, specializing and helping people to overcome fear, phobias, trauma, and obsessive compulsive disorder. She is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian energy techniques and covered by holistic services insurance. She is also the author of Love Light and Liora, how to move forward when the unthinkable happens. Please help me welcome Laura Rosenberg.


Lauren: Hi, Ari, thank you very much for having me today.


Ari: You’re quite welcome. How you doing today?


Lauren: Yeah, great. Yeah, fine. Okay, on lockdown, you know, no problem.


Ari: We’re all again, the common thread, okay, although we don’t really talk about it in these podcasts because the world is going through it is the pandemic, okay, everybody knows what’s going on. Everybody’s being affected in one way, shape, or form. Okay, hopefully they’ve gotten used to it by now. Hopefully we get out of it. Hopefully the vaccines come through. And you know, we turn to life as normal, or what didn’t want to be correct. Absolutely. 


Lauren: And that’s the whole point is to by learning how to move forward in whatever situation that is I talking about Wix. And yeah, the pandemic is a type of brick are 


Ari: 100%. Now, as you know, the name of this podcast is whispers and bricks, the whispers of those voices telling you what is the right thing to do, and represents the good in life. The bricks represent the bad things we go through in life, and let’s be real, everybody has a brick thrown at them. At some point in time or another there is nobody who’s got a perfect life from start to finish. It just doesn’t happen. So the reason I invite you to be on the show is because after I read your book, Love Light and LioraI knew that there were people in my audience who are going through the same things that you had gone through. They’ve been hit with brick after brick, much like what you have gone through. And they needed to hear and to know that they could get through the trials and tribulations, the same way that you did. They needed to know that there were whispers out there that could save them. Now in your life, you’ve had many bricks thrown at you. And yet, you had the wherewithal to pick yourself up by the bootstraps, and turning a horific event into a passion for helping people. Can you please share your story yours and your story with us?


Lauren: Yes. So I’m originally started from like, say, a bad brick, which was a carjacking and when my kids were little and they were all in the car and at the time I was expecting my first child. And the result of the carjacking although we managed to escape was which I didn’t know at the time a few months later, one of my daughter started having this stomach pain allergy and and she just wasn’t well and then many years later, when you know things weren’t getting better. That’s how I thought okay, I’m going to look into another way of helping and this is like you mentioned is this are going to EFT and energy techniques. Did Little did I know that this way of going into energy will actually be what I needed to have in my toolbox. When my other daughter might late my elder daughter at the age of 20 became him suddenly on was in hospital for 12 days, and EFT and other energy techniques helped me help my family using it. During the time that she was doing hospital. We even use it on her. The whole story is in my book. But what I realized was that if I didn’t have the tools, how to help myself and how to support and help my family, emotionally, I think we’re nearly four years old now, I think maybe I would have been still stuck in my bedroom. Or maybe I wouldn’t have touched any of my daughter’s stuff and shut the door, shut the bedroom door and not use it or not go even go in. I don’t think I will have been, I find it really hard to think of someone who an every story is different and every grief of a child, everybody has their own story. But I find it really hard to know, how do parents deal with it, if it doesn’t know how to work on the emotion, if they don’t know, if they don’t have the tools that I was lucky to have to move forward. And that’s the reason why I felt pushed to read the book. Because I want people to know the simple techniques that you can just learn yourself, to know how to help yourself, how to get you out of this naughty to get out of bed, not wanted to deal with anything and having to move on. I mean, obviously, I felt that I had to move on anyway, because I have four other daughters. But even though I always have things I will never give up. And I never give up. Even in those 12 days, I didn’t give up with we were fighting and fighting to try to save my daughter. And that’s probably what’s keeping me going. And so I think that when you talk about Wix, as bad as we’d never want to have any of them, there’s still a way to turn the worst ever possible thing that to happen. And losing a child is probably what I think is probably the one of the worst thing that can happen. And to turn them to positive side of it. And and we did that by raising money, creating an ambulance that is saving life. And lately actually saved a non-news old little boy who had cardiac arrest in the streets and the ambulance was actually arrived, and ambulances fully equipped. And that actually saved him his life. Instead of having to wait for another ambulance who wasn’t fully equipped, and the ambulance really arrived very fast. To meet hearing, this is what I use Leah was the loss of lower into saving many people’s life integrating assemblance and the ambulance has her name. And you can miss it because it’s like literally on the window. And knowing that when I get the report every year, and I see how many lives we saved by creating this ambulance, that then that is it helped us but also know, I know that I’ve managed to turn something so terrible into a positive outcome helping many other people. So that is, you know, that’s my way of how I managed to turn obviously, I would love to have my my daughter here in a physical term. But, you know, I have an spiritual term now and in a different different form. So


Ari: Absolutely, absolutely. And I think I don’t want to say that you traded. But unfortunately, because of the situation circumstances, the reality is that you’ve traded Liora’s life for hundreds of other lives because of the ambulance because of the work that you’ve been doing. Okay, you’ve saved hundreds of people. So I think if we were around today, and I’m sure she’s looking down and smiling, she’s looking down and smiling if she knew, you know that that was going to be the outcome, I’m sure she would have said, You know what, God take me if I can save, you know, 1000s of other people I’m, well, the


Lauren: The day before the idea of creating an ambulance for for this charity is because the day before we were driving, we were talking also, you know, if you did win the lottery, what would you do with the money and the first thing she said was, well, I heard of this charity. So that ambulance had a crash. It was an accident, so they didn’t have the ambulance anymore. So the first thing I’ll do, I’ll buy an ambulance. Unfortunately, the following day, she was in the ambulance. She was in one of those ambulance and then in a destroyer is 12 days later when she passed away. So while we were in hospital, we actually created a group trying to to do some good deeds and trying to raise some money. And then obviously when she passed away, we carried on afterwards, creating some events to raise more money. Me. And over a year and a half, we managed to create to raise the money that we wanted, because at the time, I didn’t even have an any idea how much an ambulance cost. And we couldn’t get the actual real ambulance. So what we did because of, you know, a lot of money to to, to raise. So at the end with the money that we raised, we transformed a Ford Galaxy into a speed respond car, ambulance, and we managed to transform it and there is enough space to put a bed in there. And it’s all fully equipped. So that’s what we did and is driving around, I don’t see it very often only see it, which is very strange. In a way. I only see it a particular time. A day like if it’s a birthday, one of the birthdays would offer sisters on or, or something like the first day when I arrived, I told my daughter first day of school. And on the way we saw that we literally saw the ambulance on the pavement, you know, helping someone we only see it a few times specific really important times, which is really, I find it really strange. So I mean, it’s strange in a way by in a really nice way. Because it means that she’s there and understand comes every time we have the chance of seeing the ambulance when we drive around. And you see, you know, that’s it’s just meant to be really,


Ari: Right. Well, that’s just so that Ford Galaxy is still around.


Lauren: Yes, yes. Yeah. And at the moment with a pandemic has been used a lot.


Ari: And that’s beside the point. You did raise money for another for real ambulance Correct?


Lauren: No, we didn’t manage to we didn’t have enough money. So we actually there’s only one. So what we did, we created we changed a project and we created a rapid first respond car basically, which is an ambulance, but because it’s smaller, it actually gets to a wherever there needs to go faster and in certain ways, but it has everything in it. We really, we it was really well planned. Yeah. It’s like usually on average was probably used once or twice a day. Nah, it’s like three, four times a day.


Ari: Well, fortunately, or unfortunately. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I hear what you’re saying. I’ve been in the UK. I’ve been in London. And believe me, I don’t know how you drive on those streets. There are cars parked on either side of the street. There’s just enough room for one car to get through. And it’s a two way street. I don’t know how they do that. It makes me very, very nervous when I’m there. So I understand what you’re saying that, you know, it’s easier for that car to get through than it would be.


Lauren: Well, that’s, that’s amazing. That’s truly amazing. If you don’t mind, tell us a little bit of what it was what it was like during those final days. You know, it’s so hard. I have a neighbor who lives down the street from me, they lost an 11 year old boy in a boating accident. And I I’m amazed because you know, like, I mean, I don’t know how they get up in the morning. The same with you. It’s like I don’t know how you get up in the morning. I really don’t.


Ari: How do I do it? I’m grateful that I had the most beautiful daughter for 20 years. And that is what I’m grateful for. I didn’t know that was going to happen so that I can enjoy the 20 years that I had with her in that’s why I can say and also it’s just you know that his life the minute you it’s not something that you expect it’s not something that you use these sorts of things to happen. It was suddenly it was sudden after the first day in hospital the consultant said that you do to die down then and oh my God and I wasn’t I just felt as just crashed down quite did just believed what the consultant said he is a consultant why should I not believe what he said? And then when my other daughter said, Look, you work with energy. Just use your tool using muscle testing test what is she alive is now live. And, and then I realized that she is she was still alive. And I thought what she’s not going to die that night. And I put all the effort and all my knowledge on energy, everything that had and she she lived another another 11 days. And that was important for us the timing, allowing her to also I didn’t want I would never allow anyone to unplug my daughter. This was not I was going to do I was going to do everything. To not allow anyone to decide when if my daughter had to go. I would I wanted it to go naturally in in in our own way. I would didn’t want any human being to make a decision. That was completely that I would not never accepted that. I think so. And that’s what I was fighting for. And thank God she, you know


Ari:  So you basically extended her life by 11 days with the doctor says she’s gonna die tonight and you said, no, no pun intended Over my dead body. No pun intended, but


Lauren: it was a fight, you know, we had to fight a was really not pleasant. We’ve had lots of medical meetings. And then thank God I had good, they kept on telling us what you know. And I did. And even in the meetings afterwards, I use all the techniques I knew, in order for the meetings to go well, in order for them to be compassionate in order for everyone to work with us to try to save layover. Unfortunately, we still had to compromise at the end. But no one touched no one. No one touched that plug. That was I would have done anything. And believe me, just sort of a human being to decide. When was the time that she passed away that I would never allow it. I hear.


Ari: All right, but you did you came through it.


Lauren: Yeah, we did. You know, there’s no


Ari: You had bricks thrown at you. And you started to listen to the whispers I’m sure there was the aura whispering to you as well, from above. And


Lauren: while even in hospital, we could see some really strange things happen. And then people read my book, they will know. Leah used me, she was speaking to me, which is really bizarre and strange. But people was asking me questions that I didn’t know the answer. And the answer will just come out through my mouth. But if people want to know more, the details are in the book wishes. And I could, you know, yeah, lots of things happen really, bizarrely, I really could feel and see and hear what she wanted. We wanted her to help her. At the end of the day, you know, her body didn’t, you know, physically think that we didn’t have the tools to, to keep going we will and and she passed away. And and we had to deal with this. Not just me. You know, I had to look after everybody else. And she managed to put oversee everything, everybody together. I mean, we never saw that do and have you know, at a time, it was also privileged. We had 1000 People at the funeral. I mean, now looking back, I can say thank you the timing, because now that’s another privilege. You know, now people can’t even go to funerals on sir. But yeah, it’s look is still it’s just four years. And it’s still a process. And there’s nothing, I can’t change the fact that she’s not here. But I can change the way I react and the way I want to move forward. And the way I can help my kids and my family to move forward.


Ari: So what are you doing now?


Lauren: So what am I doing now? I work with energy, and I help people clearing the pain. Um, you know, I’ve had clients who had pain in the ears for eight years, and in one session clear the whole pain. And this is why I love this is why I’m passionate about so I help people suffer from pain, physically, emotionally, or suffer from fear phobia, and a I clear their fear.


Ari: Wow, wow, that’s so that’s great. That’s terrific, man. You’re you’re located in the UK.


Lauren: Yeah, its online. So anyway, I have clients everywhere in the world. So yeah. Its online.


Ari: Right. So before we go, all right. Do you have any like words of wisdom or advice for my audience for you know,


Lauren: I would say Never give up. And always trust your instinct. Always trust your instincts.


Ari: Listen to the whispers Exactly. Listen to the whispers. So if you want to get a hold of you, how can they do that? Is there a website? There’s a email, how do

they do that?


Lauren:They can email me if they want to any if they’ve got any questions, they can email me Or, you can my website Lots of free classes every Wednesday at seven o’clock. There’s a free workshop. 


Ari: Seven 7pm am pm UK. Time in America will be well, two o’clock, two o’clock, two o’clock in the afternoon. 


Lauren: Okay, there’s always a way no one can turn around and said to me, help is too expensive, this way of having access to different help from free to obviously paid, but so that way I’ve done it. I’ve transformed it in a way that everyone can have access to help. And they can read my book is self help. Tools. Everything is in there.


Ari:  How can they get a hold of your book? Where would they find it.


Lauren: So the book is on Amazon, and it’s called love life. And Liora how to move forward when the unthinkable happens.


Ari: Okay, so love light and Liora. Okay Liora was your daughter’s name obviously. Yes. Which means in Hebrew my light?


Lauren: Yes, exactly. Okay, my lights I will say since we’re in a pandemic, I will definitely say to people let you know when there is a light at the end of the tunnel and just keep going until you get to their light. And Allah is light. That’s why we keep going. 


Ari: Wow. Okay, so that would be Lauren L A, u r e n at fear. A var. Hi hyphen busters bu s te Correct. And the website is www dot fear hyphen. 


Lauren: Correct. Yeah, correct. 


Ari: Yeah. Okay, great. Lauren, thanks so much for sharing your story with my audience. I’m sure you’ve touched the hearts of many in my audience. Good luck going forward and keep up the good work.

You’ve been listening to whispers in Bricks. I’m your host Ari Schonbrun. Until next time, listen to the whispers and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.


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