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Dawna Campbell shares her inspiring story. From having a successful career on Wall Street to moving to an Ashram to learn how to heal herself. She had a successful career but was thrown a brick something was making her sick. She later would find that the anger in her marriage was causing her illness. She moved to an Ashram and went on the journey to heal herself. On this journey, she was thrown more bricks but from that experience, she started to listen to the whispers. She continued learning how to heal herself and others. She is president of Heart-Centered Healing a coaching program that helps improve in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships. She gives us all inspiration to live the life we choose.


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Ari: Welcome to whispers and bricks. My name is Ari Shonbrun, and I’m your host. Today I have with me a special guest Donna Campbell. Dawna is known as the mind whisperer. She combines her past knowledge, wisdom and experience to assist in creating and restoring a life of happiness, prosperity and love. Donna has over 25 combined years professional experience. As a former financial advisor her book financially fit is a number one Amazon international bestseller, bringing together the world of money, the energy body and the souls essence. She’s a professional speaker sharing her techniques during interactive workshops, and maintains an international private practice. Don’t share the stage with the likes of Lisa Nick, Nick Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter, and Kevin Harrington. Her personal heart centered healing philosophy is to create a world that is better that is a better place for all to live. Donna currently resides in Bigfork, Montana, Montana is the president of a company the healing heart, Inc. and she has three beautiful children. Please help me welcome Dawna Campbell. Hey, Dawna, how are you?


 Dawna: Good. And thank you so much for having me. on whispers and bricks. I am great. Thank you.


 Ari: Oh, that’s wonderful. So what you’ve been up to lately? What? So where you’re out in Montana, right? You’re still there?



Dawna:Yes, yes, I live in Montana. I always say live where you want to work well love where you live, and live the life that you love. And so since I can be anywhere in the world, I choose to be here because I love being outside


Ari: in Montana, you and you and the other three people.



Dawna: Exactly, exactly. We do have more bears and animals than we do people. But it brings the charm, I suppose I


Ari: I hear. So as you know the name of this podcast is whispers in bricks, the whispers of those voices telling you what the right thing to do is, and they represent the good in life. The bricks represent the bad things that we go through in life. And and we all know everybody at some point in time is going to get hit with a brick or more. Now after our initial conversation, I asked him to be on the show because I knew there were people in my audience who will go through some of the same things that you have gone through. They’ve been hit with brick after brick, much like what you had gone through. And they needed to hear and to know that they could get through the trials and tribulations the same way that you did. They needed to know that there were whispers out there that could save them. Now, I was reviewing your website. So before we dive into the bricks, tell me about the year that you spent in an ashram, like what was when was that? And how did that come about?



Dawna: Well, it was during the time of my life when I wasn’t able to digest food. And I had uncovered that I couldn’t. It was after two years of that in my marriage ending. And then I realized that I had knee in common. So I did move to an ashram. For the year with my children. I wanted to study meditation. I wanted to know more about science and physics, I wanted to take a year off and uncover what those patterns were about myself that created this lifestyle that I didn’t want, because of all of those bricks that had kept hitting me. And I took my children, they were in the school at the time, and I did their teacher training program. And it was a very interesting lifestyle. Because we were completely vegetarian at the time doing the children’s school, they would start off with meditation and yoga. And they incorporated all of the different daily practices that really gives people a good strong foundation. And then when I was doing the teacher training program for that, I also got that good strong foundation. And that is the platform that everything for me started to rebuild off of following all of those little whispers because it taught me that I wasn’t a victim and that I wasn’t in being enabled by anybody and that I could be a Victor and be empowered and really start taking control of my own life and create it the way I chose to see it.


Ari: Wow. Wow. I mean, I remember when I was when I was growing up, I was probably in my 20s and the ashram was a was a, I don’t know, it was it was a big thing. Everybody, it seemed like everybody in his mother was going to an ashram for, you know, one reason or another. So when I saw that, you know that it came up on your, on your on your bio there I went like, wow, I gotta find out 

 what, you know what this was all about? 

What, how long ago was that?



Dawna: That was in 2008 2009. And I was there for that year.


Ari: Okay. So now, let’s get down to excuse me. Now in your life, you’ve had many bricks thrown at you, including a bad marriage that almost killed you know, can you take us back to those troublesome years and tell us tell us about what happened and and how you got through it. All.



Dawna: Right, what started the whole chain reaction was at the time I was working as a financial advisor, I was also the Managing Principal of the investment firm. So I was responsible for $500 million of other people’s money. And it was during the years of 911, the stock market being while the stock markets always crazy, but um, and there was a lot of anger in the corporate world. And I did not know or, you know, before I went into that profession, that there was that energy there. And then all at once my health broke down, I was going to the gym five, six days a week, I was trying to lose the excess weight from having a second child. And I was counting calories and keeping food logs and doing everything by the book, everything, and nothing seemed to work. And next thing I know, I’m incredibly sick. And after two years, Western medicine wasn’t able to figure out why I was having the symptoms that I was having. So I chose to go to a naturopathic doctor to a natural healer. And she also practiced oriental medicine. And this was my introduction to beliefs to how we feel and how it affects us in the physical body. And after about three months, my digestive system had repaired, I was able to digest food, I just needed some enzymes, which was really interesting, because I maxed out my insurance for two years. And she said to me, and one of the last appointments, well, there’s something in your outside world that you can’t digest. So you’re not digesting things on the inside. And that was when I uncovered the infidelity in my marriage and the anger that was along with it. And so I was digesting the emotion, anger for all those years and had no idea that I was even doing that. So those were some of the bricks that got thrown. And then when I was at the ashram, I was in a different partnership at that time. And after two years, he decided to become physically violent towards me. So I left. But it was in those moments there that he literally choked me. And just before I took my last breath, he took his hand off my throat, and then wanted me to retaliate. And I couldn’t I just put down that board, he handed me and said, I can’t and walked out, walked out forever. But there were several moments like that those were pretty good bricks going, Hey, you’re not on the right path. And this was all within a four to a five year time period. So it was one thing after another after another. And then I wasn’t able to be employed in the financial services world. It was the global recession. So I remember making the promise and to dedicate my life to this healing path to help myself to help others if my children and I were kept safe, and we weren’t in that situation anymore.


 Ari: Wow. Wow. So when this was going on, you know, when it got really bad, and he started to, you know, physically abuse you. Like, how old were your kids at the time,



Dawna: they were fairly little, I’m going to say eight and four at the time,


 Ari: when you decided to pick up and walk out. I mean, obviously, I’m assuming you You grabbed the kids and took them with you.



Dawna: I had already gotten my children to a safe place. And a friend had come up, we packed up and three and a half hours, everything and I started driving back to the town that I moved from. And then that was where my children were and then got everything settled for the next week.


Ari:Wow. And the How long was the divorce process.



Dawna: Um, when I wasn’t married to the person who abused me, we were just together in a spiritual partnership. But the marriage that I was in we were married for 14 years, when I had decided that I was no longer going to participate in that marriage. The divorce was completed within three months.


 Ari: So Oh, see, I didn’t know this. So so there was a there was right. So there was a marriage that you’re in for 14 years. Okay. And then you decided to end it. Yep. was how did he take that?


Dawna: I’m a little hard. But he understood why. And that I it violated everything that I know to believe that’s morally good and right. And it went against everything for me. In that, I will tell you, the day that they he left that, because I was trying to lose the excess weight for a year and a half. And it wasn’t working. Nothing I did worked. After he left because the anger was no longer in the household. I quit going to the gym, I quit working out, I quit counting calories. If I wanted brownies for dinner, I ate them. And in three months, 40 pounds fell off of my body because I was no longer holding on to anger. So it was the emotion of anger that was gonna get ready to kill me as well. That was another one. So and that was causing all of the other health problems that I had.


 Ari: Wow. So literally, it wasn’t a physical issue. It was a mental issue, basically, issue and emotion. Yeah. And emotion. That’s when I met Alicia. Right? Wow, that. That that is absolutely amazing. And so like, what are you doing now.


Dawna: So today, I work as an international healer. And I work with people in those three areas health, wealth, and relationships. Because those are the three areas not only internationally, people want to have change in or have better, but it’s also the exact same three things that I went through. So I know firsthand what it’s like in all of those different categories. And what I do is I work with them on an emotional level. And I go into the deeper subconscious to change, lower vibrating emotion to a higher vibrating emotion, to correct the imbalances in the body, whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. And what I do I utilize the different techniques I learned from other natural healers, such as a medicine woman I studied with the yoga Keeler, some Buddhist monks. And I’ve put together everything that they showed me how to do to affect change within a person instantaneously. Because we’re not meant to live in those states were meant to be happy and prosperous, and in love. And, and when I learned how to do this from a medicine woman, it made absolute sense. So I became my own first client. And then people started asking me for help. And then I was referred out and here we are. 12 years later.


Ari: Wow. Wow. So you have I’m assuming you have a pretty big following. Right now.



Dawna: Yes. It grows every day. We always want more.


Ari: Yeah, no, absolutely. Absolutely. But that that’s, that’s amazing. How do people find you? How do they know about you? Well, you know, do you have like a website or or, you know,


Dawna: I do social media. A lot of people refer me out. Because once they’ve experienced it, they share it with others. And so I’m mostly referral based. But I do have a strong social media presence. So whether it’s Instagram or Twitter, or Facebook, or LinkedIn, and I do have a website, it’s just my name, Donna campbell.com. And people find me there as well.


 Ari:Wow, that’s, it’s truly amazing. So do you have any quote unquote, formal education in this area?


Dawna: I do. Yeah. So not only do I have my business background that I had in finance, and marketing, and all my years as with all the security licenses I had in the healing world, yes, I studied with the natural healers, but I also studied a couple of different Western healing modalities. But what they gave me was the structure and the form that I needed to put together all of the other information the other healers taught me how to do. But I believe that were lifelong students. And they were always studying and reading and putting together and so for the last 25 years, that’s been my world. I have a strong background in science and in physics, because everything we do in the spiritual world can be explained by physics, even Newton’s laws of motions applies to us, not only in the physical world, but in the spiritual world to how I do the work. So a lot of that is my background now today.


Ari: Wow. Let me ask you this. Did you ever reach a point in in whatever part of your life whether it’s your personal life or your you know, your career, life? If you ever reach a point where you got so low when you said to yourself, you know what, I can’t do this anymore, I’m giving up. I’m not following my dreams. It’s just not gonna happen. I just can’t do this. And if you did it fall to that level. How did you climb out? How did you manage to bounce back?



Dawna: Well, I remember when I left that one relationship that I made a promise As to to dedicate my life to doing this work. So first and foremost, that’s always in the back of my mind knowing that I’m doing this for myself. I’m doing this for others, and I’m always on track. But there are those moments that you wonder, is it really worth it? What? Why don’t I just, you know, go live in the cave in the Himalayas?


 Ari:Yeah, absolutely.



Dawna: I said that once to somebody and they said, Dawna, we’ll just find you there in the cave, we know, we can find you and I went, Okay. And then I would pick myself back up, people would start calling again, for sessions or for different things. And then I would have another moment like that. But every time I attempted to not do the work that I do today, it comes back 20 fold, and it leaves me virtually no choice in a way, because then I remember the promise that I made. So it’s an ongoing, it just changes it morphs, it expands. And we add on more layers so we can reach more people. And that’s what I’ve been doing the last two years, is switching more from the individual level to the global stage, and sharing this more with the masses with what can be really fun, and how to really take charge of your own life listening to those whispers. So you avoid those breaks, and getting the messages out there. So this fall, I’ll be out on the public professional stage speaking about a lot of these things as well.


 Ari: Wow. If you had to point to one person who had the most influence on your life, who would that be? And why?


Dawna: Well, I can think of a couple of people. I’m the first person I can think of as the my mother who’s no longer here, we were like, oil and modern. But if it wasn’t for her role in my life, I would not be doing some of these things that I’m doing today, because she showed me everything I don’t want to do. So I can, I would know what I want to do. And she was a very angry person. So I grew up in that household as well, which really gave me the information or the background that I needed to be able to do what I do today. So she was probably one of my greatest and biggest teachers to this day. And I have so much love and respect for her for what she chose to do and how she chose it in this lifetime.


 Ari: The said, Was that was that more or less like a love hate relationship? Is that what um, is that what I’m hearing is that I’m getting,



Dawna: right. Because in the moments you didn’t like it, but you always came back around, and it’s like, Nope, okay, I can see this from different points of view. And the work that I do, I did a lot of work for myself around that relationship with my mom to, to change that. Not just changed the perspective, but to experience it from a different point of view. And I came to some pretty good understandings of things that I didn’t realize being in the situation versus looking back at it. And if it wasn’t for some of those things, I wouldn’t be




Ari: You know, it’s like I somebody once said to me, you know, the older I got, the smarter my parents got. Exactly. You know, we think when we were, you know, teenagers and early 20s, we think our parents have no clue. And then as we get older, we realize, Oh my God, you know, why did they get so smart? Yeah, right. Yeah, absolutely. Who is the second person?



Dawna: She’s the lady I call the medicine woman. Her name is actually Leandra. And what’s comical about her is that she was a medicine woman for one of the tribes. And she actually looked like Mrs. Doubtfire. So, you think of a medicine woman that’s Indian lady with long, you know, braids, and you know, the darker leather type skin and I’m looking at a lady going look like Mrs. Doubtfire. She was the opposite of my mother. But she gave me one of the biggest lessons that in my life that I even operate from from today, and I’ve taught my children how to do. And when I was in that situation, where that the person I was with was domestically violent towards me. I called her the first time that it happens and asked her, Can I come to you? Can I come to your place? Because I don’t have anywhere to go. I know I need to leave? And she said, No. And she asked me what was my plan? And did I have money? And what was I going to do? And where are my children? And and and asked me but no, I couldn’t go to where she was because she was working. She had clients, she had different things. But what she did in that moment, was she didn’t enable me she empowered me. So I took everything that she said, and put together a plan. The person of course, promised they weren’t ever going to do it again. Not true. Yeah. And on the second time, I had my plan in place and I was gone. But if it wasn’t for that, and her empowering me to allow me to figure that out on my own. I wouldn’t be able to have the ability to even empower my children and let them make their own choices and other people without having them stuck in that victim mode. And that was the hardest lesson in my entire life that I could even possibly dream of. I didn’t like the choice at the time, I didn’t like her decision at the time, I really, truly needed help. But it came from a place of unconditional love. And it gave me a strength that I wouldn’t have today.


Ari: Did you understand that when it happened? Or did it take time for you to figure that out?


Dawna: It took me a week or so to figure it out when I started, okay, she said these things. So what am I going to do? And I started putting together the plan and following everything she had shared, you know, in generating some money, so I could leave the situation because the person kept all of that too, and and what I needed to do for me what I needed to do for my children, and I what she was really teaching me was, you really have to put yourself first. And if you’re not putting yourself first and you’re putting somebody else before you, these other types of situations can happen. But that was one of the hardest lessons of my life. I hear that appreciated. 


 Ari: Yeah,


I hear that. I’m just on a personal note, you don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to. But I’m just curious, do you consider yourself a religious person?



Dawna: I’ve studied a lot of different religions,


Ari: if you like, like any of them.


Dawna: What I studied was in the religion world, was finding the commonality between all of them. And what they showed was virtues. That was the commonality, kindness, generosity, love, balance, peace, harmony. The rest of it is how that particular religion interpreted how you’re going to obtain those virtues. And the rest became semantics like, Well, do you do baptism at this age, or this age, or this age or this age? Well, I don’t know that the age really matters, as long as there’s baptism, but the baptism is a representation of virtues, for example, I’ve also studied a lot of different spiritual pathways and a lot of Eastern philosophy and Eastern religion as well. Now, their stories are different. Their virtues are the same. And it’s just a different perception or how the story unfolds. But when you break it down to the basic elements, it all comes back to one thing, and that’s a universal love force energy. It’s an energy that moves through all things. That is just a pure divine love. And then when I started studying physics and reading things from Albert Einstein, he writes about the exact same thing that there is this unseen energy, that’s this pure love that is the fabric of like the universe. So it even crossed over into science. So am I a religious person? Or am I a spiritual person? You know, do I study science and see what science says? I believe in that one common factor, because that’s what all of it has. And that, to me is truth when it crosses many pathways.


Ari: Yeah, the great sage Hillel, who said, you know, 2000 years ago, he basically said, when somebody asked him teach me the entire, you know, Torah on standing on one foot, and he said, and Hill turns them and says to him, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to have done to yourself. Don’t do anything to others that you would not want to have done to yourself. He says the rest is all commentary. Exactly. Okay. So yeah, so that’s wonderful. You know, you look terrific. You sound terrific. You look like you’re, you’re all put together. Is there anything else that you would like to share with my audience? Before we go, any words of advice or any words of wisdom?


Dawna: Yes. Um, during that time, that four or five year period of where everything came at me, I wrote, a mantra, or what I saw as a mantra could be also be considered a prayer. And this is what I trust, and you will see, believe, and you will know, have faith. All is well. Follow your heart and spirit will lead you. So follow the love that’s in your heart and have faith, trust and belief. And everything will always work out. You’ll hear those whispers.


 Ari:That’s exactly what it is. What you what you didn’t know until today was it was whispers that were that you were hearing throughout. Absolutely. Donna, thank you so much for coming on the show. I know that my audience got a lot out of your story. There and I’m sure I’m pretty sure they’re going to take it to heart. And let me just ask you let last but not least So where again, can they find you?


Dawna: Yes, um, the easiest way, I got this all connected together and so happy is just a text the word manifesting 226786. So the word manifesting to Tuesday manifesting. And it will connect you all through my social media and to my website, and that’s here in the US. So if you’re outside of the US, the best way is either to find me on Instagram, which is under my name, Donna Campbell or my website, Donna campbell.com.


Ari: Okay, so again, what was that? Manifesting?


Dawna: Yeah, manifesting ma n i s e s t ing. So the word manifesting 226786. Wow, everything.


Ari: And your website is www.dawnacampbell.com Wonderful. Thanks so much for appearing on the show. Good luck going forward. Keep up the good work. You were listening to whispers in bricks and I’m your host I’ll be showing until next time, listen to the whispers avoid the breaks and never ever give up on your dreams. Bye for now.