Life Is Not a Straight Line: The Inspiring Story of Collin Burns

Even the most successful and accomplished people, those who seem to have a “charmed life”, are confronted with adversity and heartache. Like everyone else, they deal with roadblocks and setbacks in life and business.

This is a key theme in today’s podcast. It introduces my friend Colin Burns. He has an inspiring story to tell, a story that is sometimes funny and often heartwarming. This is a story that will cause listeners to begin thinking and reflecting on their own lives.

Life Is Not a Straight Line: The Inspiring Story of Collin Burns

Colin has served as general manager of the famed Winged Foot Golf Club since 1991. He is the longest-serving GM in Winged Foot history. His list of accomplishments and the success Winged Foot has enjoyed under his leadership is astounding.

In 1997, Winged Foot hosted its first ever PGA Championship. The success of that event led to the club being chosen as the site for the 2004 US Amateur, the 2006 US Open, the 2016 US Amateur Football Championship, and most recently, the 2020 US Open.

A 30-year tenure as a golf club general manager is rare in Colin’s industry. But as this episode of the Whispers and Bricks podcast reveals, Colin is indeed a rare individual.

Even though he has enjoyed a very successful career and has a life he loves, he has experienced plenty of ups and downs. He has been struck by his share of bricks.

Here are some of the riveting details Colin’s amazing story:


  • How tragedy at a young age showed him how frail life is, and what his response was
  • How heeding a “whisper” during his “lost” years changed his life for the better
  • How doing his job efficiently didn’t matter if he don’t care for the people who worked for him
  • His fascinating story of working with an unknown actor who later became world famous
  • The most famous golfers he’s met and spent time with on the golf course
  • How self-reflection and humility kept him from losing his job shortly after he got it
  • A pivotal moment in Colin’s life that contains valuable lessons for anyone

In addition, Colin shares a heartwarming story of the last round of golf he played with his dad.

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