Basketball As In Life: An Interview With Rick and Lynn Barry

Rick Barry and his wife Lynn are a truly remarkable couple with an amazing list of accomplishments.

One of the most admired and respected players in NBA history, Rick was a 12-time All Star during his 14-year career. He became the only player ever to lead the NCAA, ABA and NBA in scoring. He was noted for his unorthodox, yet very accurate, underhand free throw style, a family tradition carried on by Rick and Lynn’s son Canyon, a player in the NBA G League.

Lynn was an All-American basketball player at the College of William and Mary. Considered to be the top player in the school’s history, she became the first female athlete to have her number 22 jersey retired. She graduated Phi Beta Kapa in 1981 with a 3.97 GPA.

Basketball As In Life: An Interview With Rick and Lynn Barry

This inspiring conversation reveals so much more than talk about basketball. It covers

  • Rick and Lynn’s deep dedication to their faith in God
  • The impact Rick and Lynn’s faith had on Ari
  • The life-changing impact a mission trip to Israel had on Rick and Lynn
  • How one of the most devastating bricks anyone can be hit with, cancer, led to an opportunity for whispers in Lynn’s life
  • The impact of meeting Rabbi Grossman, one of Israel’s most beloved rabbis, and why he turned down the opportunity to be Head Rabbi for the nation of Israel

There’s more…


  • The surprising reason why Rick does not miss playing pro basketball
  • How the current global crisis can lead to good things that would not otherwise have happened
  • An inspiring story of ownership and accountability from Rick’s experience on the basketball court
  • How NFL great Joe Montana used comedy to help his teammates gain confidence and poise and win a close, hard-fought Super Bowl
  • One thing Rick truly believes is key to success in business
  • Rick’s inspiring response to events that make him sad

Rick gratefully admits he and Lynn have had a lot more whispers than bricks in their life. But he empathizes with people who are suffering and offers them an inspiring message of hope.


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