Wendy Stevens' Journey From All-American Lacrosse Champion to "Accidental Multiple Seven-Figure Online Marketer"

Wendy Stevens’ Journey From All-American Lacrosse Champion to “Accidental Multiple Seven-Figure Online Marketer”

This episode of the Whispers and Bricks podcast tells the incredible story of Coach Wendy Stevens.

Wendy has experienced meteoric highs, and devastating lows. She has won inspiring victories and suffered crushing defeat and tragedy. She has enjoyed off-the-charts business success and been stung by frustrating failure.

But through all the setbacks and hardships she experienced, she persevered. She overcame. And now she is poised to inspire a large, worldwide audience and build a lasting legacy of service.

The Incredible Story of Coach Wendy Stevens.

A superb athlete, Wendy enjoyed stellar success as a college lacrosse player at the University of Maryland and as the first coach of the Vanderbilt University Women’s Lacrosse team.

She later went on to accomplish great things in the world of business and online marketing. She is an author, in-demand speaker and world-renowned Guerrilla Marketing expert. She has taught more than 80,000 people in 136 countries how to master the art of Guerrilla Marketing .


This episode of the Whispers and Bricks podcast reveals


  • The influence and impact Wendy’s parents and her accomplished older siblings had on her life at a young age
  • Her mom’s inspiring and determined response to her brother’s tragic car accident
  • A powerful but often overlooked success tip that helped Wendy meet and work with a Guerrilla Marketing legend and get to where she is today
  • Why she decided to pursue marketing as a business
  • How she learned to communicate to her customers with more power and influence

Wendy is well acquainted with winning and success. But as I mentioned a moment ago, she’s been hit by more than a few bricks. These include a brutal divorce, a shocking betrayal by a trusted business associate and two open-heart surgeries.

Her story is a powerful reminder to anyone who will listen that everyone gets hit. Everyone falls down at some point. Wendy got back up, bounced back and kept going. 

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