From Tragedy to a Journey of Healing: An Interview With Lauren Rosenberg

The loss of a child…
It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. And an unimaginable brick. Sadly, this is a tragedy that occurred to Lauren Rosenberg and her family. Four years ago, after 12 days in the hospital, her 20-year-old daughter Liora passed away.

From Tragedy to a Journey of Healing: An Interview With Lauren Rosenberg

Determined to use her sad experience as a way to help other people, she wrote the book How to Move Forward When the Unthinkable Happens: Love, Light and Liora.

Today, on the Whispers and Bricks podcast, Lauren shares her inspiring story.

This episode reveals

  • A non-negotiable decision Lauren made while her daughter was in the hospital clinging to life
  • How Lauren apparently enabled her daughter to live 11 days beyond the day it was believed she would die
  • How Lauren’s tragic loss led to the saving of many lives through the raising of money for a fully equipped ambulance
  • Lauren understands that she can’t bring her daughter back. Here’s what she focuses on instead
  • An important way she helps her family heal and move forward
  • Lauren’s advice for coping with our current pandemic

Lauren is originally from France. For more than 20 years now, she has lived in London. She is a professional complimentary health therapist. She specializes in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and energy healing to help people get more out of life by overcoming fear and trauma.

She is passionate about using her experience to help people with their physical and or emotional health issues. This episode talks about how she is helping people around the world overcome pain and infirmity without drugs and surgery.

In addition, Lauren discusses a battle she fought and won with her daughter’s doctor. And she talks about simple but effective lesson for more success in business and life.

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