Whispers & Bricks: Life & Success Lessons from 911

It was an event Ari Schonbrun experienced first-hand. When the first plane struck, he was on the 78th floor of Tower One waiting for the elevator to the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, the company he worked for that occupied the top five floors of the building. 658 of his coworkers in Tower One died that day. He was one of the four who lived. His life was forever changed.

Even though Ari tells the story of his 9/11 experiences, his goal is to help people think about their lives and help them overcome “personal 9/11s”, those times when it feels like the world is upside down, “bricks” are being thrown at them, and life is falling apart.

So why the name “Whispers and Bricks” for this podcast? Here’s why: Ari learned on 9/11 that life offers everyone a series of whispers. He believes there is a Supreme Being who uses events to whisper to peoples’ minds and hearts. But people often so busy and distracted that they don’t hear and don’t heed these whispers. The result? They get hit by a “brick”.

The World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001 was a fateful event in American history.

9/11 was almost twenty years ago. It’s natural to wonder why Ari waited so long to start this podcast. After his 9/11 experiences that included helping a badly-burned coworker down 78 floors and traveling with her in an ambulance to the hospital, one of the many whispers that saved his life that day, he had a mission. He realized he HAD to tell his story. He’s spoken to audiences all over the world. After every talk, people would tell how his story gave them valuable lessons had inspired them to live life to the fullest.

He decided to tell his story to a wider audience via the medium of podcasting. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are struggling. By sharing his story and the inspiring stories of his amazing guests, Ari wants to give people hope and make them smile again. 

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